[Passed] Sell side Nubot gateway on Hitbtc @zoro

It passed.
I will prepare the nubot now.

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Nubot is ready and in stand by.
Hitbtc NBT address:

whenever FLOT deposits NBT in above address, operation begins.

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If @nmei is unavailable and MoD is feeling lonely in Hitbtc, i am available and nubot is already operational.

“buy” : 0.0,
“sell” : 0.0

My Nubot’s settings are:

“submitliquidity”: true,
“nubitaddress”: “BA8di3FFBADAFQmRwEqiAocrkBoMDPBQQu”,

“wallchangeThreshold”: 0.1,

“bookDisabletier2”: false,

“bookSellwall”: 250.0,
“bookSellOffset”: 0.010,
“bookSellInterval”: 0.005,
“bookSellMaxVolumeCumulative” : 1000,
“bookSellType”: “exp”,
“bookSellSteepness”: “high”,
“priceincrement”: 0.005

I’m not that lonely and the operation hasn’t started yet.
But I always like redundancy and spread risk!

Btw. did you disable the buy side in the settings?
You intentionally have only 1% offset, right?



I am not so sure i am totally needed. Lets hear from nmei first. And lets see how your bot will handle the situation :wink:

…it needs to be funded first - if there’s consensus at FLOT NBT group; at least 3 of 4 signers are required. I won’t sign that tx.