[Passed] Proposal : A grant for testing NuBot

Update : now that the first stable implementation of multiple-custodian nubot is available, this grant will be used to cover costs of wall collapses caused by nubot.


So far so good, I didn’t need to use the 600 NBT granted and testing passed. I propose that if I don’t hear loud complains here within a week, I will burn the 600 NBT.

In case we have a situation where some custodian needs to be refunded we will have to run through another grant. I don’t see that coming soon hopefully, thanks to recently implemented price streaming service.


If I understand the terms correctly the 600 NBT have not been meant as payment for your work, but for (financially) mitigating issues with the bot being tested in the wild.
If you didn’t need them, burning them seems an appropriate measure.

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Actually, the initial terms of the grand specified what funds would be used after paying the custodians :

After refunding custodians, the remaining NBT will be donated to the Bounty Platform fund .

In this case I am not authorised to burn them, unless we pass a motion.

Sorry for not reviewing the terms of the grant before posting earlier.

Everything is fine - you checked before you burned them.
Saved you from paying the NBT from your own pocket after you burned the grant :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok, just sent grant to bounty fund

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