[Passed] Promoting Nubits to internet payment processors, exchanges, and gateways

@tomjoad Thank you. Nu actively expands into PEG business. An outreach milestone.
This is also a test of actual acceptance/resistence level of how established internet e-currency environment accepts Nubits.

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Update July 6th:

Bitcoinpaygate - No response
Walpay - No response
Bitcoinpay - Declined
Bitpay - Standard “we’ll contact you if we consider it in the future” response.
Coinify - No response


why that lack of interest?

probably they are too old-fashioned to even consider accepting nubits.

Nu needs probably its own payment processor and gateways.

We cannot count on entities that reject change.

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Appreciate the report @tomjoad . Did bitcoinpay give any reason to decline?

Anyway let’s send to another batch of PEGs. We can go back to the ones with no response every other week in case the message has been lost in their mails.

Unfortunately nothing concrete. Here is their email reply:

Dear Tom,

we are sorry, but we do not have plans on using nubits.


I will try and send another batch of PEG emails in the next day or two, including follow-ups with those PEGs who haven’t responded.

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This is excellent. Even they declined, the communication channel is open. It’s a valuable resource. Nu may someday become an important node in the web of payment businesses, although we can’t see how exactly now.

For example I think liquidity provision by NU to PEGs could be possible. An important indicator of PEG competitiveness is how much liquidity in reserve a business has. Nu could leverage its expertise on liquidity operations to provide on-demand B2B liquidity to PEGs. It’s like lending but it’s also utility provision.


Recommended by this post, 247exchange has been engaging the peercoin community for more than a half year, showing that it is familiar with peercoin and can follow things through. The exchange appear to have good service providing fiat currency. So I suggest we contact it soon.

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Any progress? @tomjoad

No additional responses have been received yet. In regards to 247exchange, do you have a specific contact address I can send the message to? I see you responded on peercointalk, but a direct email may also help.

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At the bottom of te 2nd post of this thread I find affiliates@247exchange.com

We need to expand our net. Can we get a new batch out?

edit: I also find help.and.info@247exchange.com in the about page.

time is on NU side. after a year or so of a pegging coin the interest will arise :slight_smile:


Any progress @tomjoad ?

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There haven’t been any additional replies to the next batch I sent out. Nu is still under the radar for all these businesses, and they don’t seem overly receptive to adding us at this point in time.

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Thanks. Let’s hang on and go through the list. Can you send another batch? Where are we now in the list of section 2 here?

Nubit has lost one round to Tether in being traded at one of the major internet e-currency exchange http://www.rchange.net/ , where now Tether can be bought with or sold for 7 e-currencies such as PerfectMoney, PayPal, and btc-e USD.

Support this motion and [Discussion] Contract to create web interface code that one can use to sell/buy Nubits with fiat online


i see only centralized money in this exchange. how nbt can fit in there?

By getting connected to centralized money just the way it’s already connected to the centralized USD fiat money.
Offer ways to exchange USD, PerfectMoney, PayPal, and btc-e USD, etc. for US-NBT and vice versa.

No, i mean the specific exchange doesn’t seem to be in favor for decentralized coins :wink:

If we want to get rid of that ruinous BTC hedging business, we need to get in close contact with fiat and “digital equivalents”.


You don’t have to use the particular exchange and its particular set of coins. For example at http://www.bestchange.com/ you can choose your favorite coin and find the exchange with the best rate. It has BTC, LTC, DOGE, but not Nubits !