[Passed] NuSafe - An 30k hedge of Tier 4 funds in USD


@dysconnect Thanks.

We’ll have to create a new transaction then. If it turns out verifying isn’t possible, can transactions be created deterministically? I recall there often being a minor difference when generating them. That part may not matter though. The idea being we all create the transaction independently so you can trust it, sign them separately, then merge the signed transactions into one with Cointoolkit, and broadcast.

@mhps Does it take forever or fail?

The signing page did load eventually, but only now I can input my key to sign. Currently signing.


The content of the tx appears to be empty.


No. When I loaded in the verify page, it gives decoding error instantly when I clicked ‘verify’

Can you post the tx signed by you?



I’m still signing it.


Can someone running a BCE node get the newest per kb fee? Thanks. @Cybnate


Still at 0.01 BKS

“blocks” : 941751,
“moneysupply” : 194817.6524,
“connections” : 5,
“proxy” : “”,
“ip” : “”,
“difficulty” : 0.00027354,
“testnet” : false,
“keypoololdest” : 1439374527,
“keypoolsize” : 251,
“paytxfee” : 0.01,
“unlocked_until” : 0,

[Passed] Reimbursing shareholder

@Dhume: Let’s resolve this and get your BlockShares back. If FLOT doesn’t sign, we’ll have to look at alternatives.


But not now right? Because BKS is trying to fork and these txns would get undone?


We can rebroadcast them on the new chain.


Thanks for being on top of this @jooize I’m still getting my new B&C client synced currently at 88%. I haven’t posted the raw transactions that @sigmike send me because they are using my old BKS address that I haven’t verified I still have access to. Should be synced tomorrow and I’ll see if I can get the backup of that wallet going.


What do you mean?

You haven’t gotten back to me.


If not enough of those with keys to this multisig sign the funds over to Dhume.

It didn’t finish signing in reasonable time, so there’s nothing to post.


I’ve synced a new B&C client but haven’t had time to dig up the old private keys to the prepared transactions @sigmike made I’m expecting to be able to do this Sunday. Apologies for the delay.