[Passed] NuPool 7


manual payout done.

and stll missing payment of 12 Feb

11 Feb 2016 21:14:58 -> 12 Feb 2016 22:09:36 UTC

has been payed with the transaction above.

3.6 NBT a day?

or there are something miss with explorer , will check from client late.

@willy payout 47.5NBT at 11 Feb , and only 3.6NBT at 12 Feb?

check it please.

It is still missing. You have sent the current payment after the server reset! :wink:

Yep. Looks like it. I will check back with sam before I do anything wrong.


@zoro @huafei


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Was there another server reset?

can you point me to a time frame?

Sorry, my mistake. It was my client that got stuck for hours (sleeping hours) and needed a manual restart!

@woolly_sammoth. This grant has expired on the 6 Feb (30 days) after passing on 7 Jan. Please advise whether you want to continue this operation. I believe the Shareholders funds are being used to pay premium rates using ‘roll-over funds’ and this needs to change. If required I’m sure another operator including myself is willing and able to take over operations and provide the Shareholders with a better deal.

Please don’t see this as an attack or such, but I think operating beyond agreed terms without any notification is setting an undesirable precedent. It is also the second time this happens.

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You’re absolutely right @cybnate and apologies for this being the state of affairs.

Since Christmas it has been my intention to get away from the current pool impletmetation and move to the new ALPv2 software that is developed.
The last stage of that has required some work on both the pool and NuBot but a combination of work, home, illness and holidays have meant that my (small amount of) free time and the (equally small amount of) free time of @desrever haven’t coincided. I’m happy to report that that has happened now and a NuBot release should be out soon which can then be used with the new pool software
It was not my intention to allow the operation to go on this long, only to tide over until the new system was ready. Please accept my apologies for the fact that that has overrun. I was concerned about extending the operation with a new grant as I was sure that the 30 days would be too long and the new software would be available. Of course, with hindsight, that’s exactly what I should have done.


Why is the target on polo so high? What % of the time have you been at target? 0%?

A missing payment detected :slight_smile:

@zoro, thank you.
It seems there was a malformed/invalid address that had been used which prevented the bulk payment from sending.
One to add to the watch list for the new pool.

@Nagalim. I’ll have to dig through the logs but I would think that the true figure of percentage of time at target isn’t going to be too different from your estimate.

Apologies again for being lax on this operation. There hasn;t been any letup with work to allow me the time to properly devote to it. I know it needs sorting very soon as NuBot is now nearly ready and the new pool software is too.

another missing payment?
not sure, perhaps i had a below 1 NBT balance :slight_smile:

Sam and I are checking that, please stay tuned.