[Passed] NSR auction motion

Tks for the clarification.

when logging bter set order are still active until cancelled at this moment NBT is
93300.908 NBT total btc is 354.0769 on sells side
47699.234 NBT Total btc is 178.6336 on buy side
once orders are cancelled the Nbt fund will available withdrawal when bter enables it
buy site might be lost you can ask bter for the nbt cold wallet address so you can verify or check
the balance estimation status directly from bter

bter cold wallets info https://bter.com/article/968 nbt or nsr are not showing in the list my but of my old account as some amounts of nbt/nsr in the balance estimation

edited: I would had its high probability that hackers got the bitcoin address from that info link and I might even say EXcoin also had links to hot wallet on bitcoin nbt nsr coin giving hackers a easier target once in the system im all for exchange transparencies but posting address is not very smart.move

So you are saying that the NBT held at BTER are not lost?

Probably close to this

NBT & NSR coins should still be on Bter the sold coin are lost because Btc were stolen once bter enables withdrawals it should be available to retrieve unsold NBT,NSR bter as enabled USD,CNY and working so far next will be NXT then all other ALT-COIN

Wo. That would be good news.

50k less liability according to:

What is the time scale within which “highest” is taken?

Why is it important to equal the buy side to the sell side?

Hi @crypto_coiner

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@assistant motion vote 876e10611809f3a90f2216fb61f107d3b7c9c469

Hi @crypto_coiner

Here are the details for the Motion Vote on 876e10611809f3a90f2216fb61f107d3b7c9c469:

[1]: https://discuss.nubits.com/t/voting-nsr-auction-motion
Blocks: 639 (6.390000%)
Share Days: 178611121 (5.603709%)

Motion RIPEMD160 hash: 876e10611809f3a90f2216fb61f107d3b7c9c469

There has been a modest amount of controversy regarding the planned auction. The passing of this motion will give it the legitimacy it needs and make clear that the majority of shareholders support the auction. I proceeded to announce the auction with the understanding that the time needed to have extensive community discussions and a full voting period was too great for our scenario. Still, there is no r

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To clarify, if the NSR must be sold immediately to provide buy side liquidity due to a significant erosion of buy side liquidity, I will sell NSR immediately to those who have already bid. This is unlikely to be necessary.


This provides optimal support to the peg. Someone (@mhps?) recently said they expect the buy side to be even larger than the sell side long term. That makes some sense from the perspective that no one is concerned about our ability to suppress the NuBit price to $1.


Has there already been any bid yet?

I think disclosing this might be a violation of the following rule:

Either way, bidders might put off bids until as late as possible, as the impacts of the CCEDK and BTER debacles become more clear.

I can’t remember but could be in certain context. The ideal situation in my mind is having thousands and thousands currency changers, big and small, all over the place, buy and sell nubits by the side of thier stash of dollars, euros, pounds, yuans, with their own fund, at the market rate. One can’t even count the buy and sell side liquidity over the world. The number of nubits recycling in daily commerce is so immense that it serves as a deep stablizing liquidity pool. The value of 1 NBT is backed by goods and services it can buy or sell. Any deviation from US$1 is pulled back ultimately by Nu but usually by for-profit commercial financial firms. Sorry for the topic drift.

I’d be keen to bid on a bit but the minimum is rather high.

I have most of my assets in NSR already but would like to increase that

@assistant motion vote 876e10611809f3a90f2216fb61f107d3b7c9c469

When we send you a bid, is one going to receive an immediate response whether the bid has been accepted or not?

No, in a blind auction, bids are accepted/rejected at the same time that bidding is closed. An “accepted” bid is one that is high enough to purchase some of the auctioned NSR.