[Passed] Motion to Make the Nu Source Code Available

There have been motions / proposals passed very fast recently. I think the slowness here reflects indecision of a lot of shareholders.

Interesting debate here, don’t want to play words but… You vote in favor or are reflecting indecision? What about just voting against it?

OK, voting No being impossible, someone start a “not open source Nu” motion and see how many Yes votes it gets :smile:


I think the risk is not in open sourcing the code base. Open sourcing the code base will boost Nu’s development for sure.
The risk is in distributing NuShares to people that do not care about Nu.
So we should be very careful about the question of raising money via NuShares sales.
Opening NuShare fully to the public should be gradual but opening the source code should be done quickly in one step.


@assistant motion vote 6f361693a7b248730b41d4292f89dc6f6f166bc8

Hi @cryptog

Here are the details for the Motion Vote on 6f361693a7b248730b41d4292f89dc6f6f166bc8:

[1]: https://discuss.nubits.com/t/voting-motion-to-make-the-nu-source-code-available
Blocks: 2565 (25.650000%)
Share Days: 798570351 (26.423200%)

This is the finalize motion to make the Nu source code open to the public. For more information about this proposal, and to view discussions about what items some community members belived should be completed on the development roadmap before they will vote for this motion, see:

25.65% of total votes now. rising.

Adding more fuel to the fire. This is a direct message I received from a user on reddit.

Hi I am a dev and entrepreneur interested in nubits. Can you confirm for me that javascript wallets and multisig is available? Is there a timeline roadmap for opening the source code? I would love to launch a global product but Nubits not being opened source makes such endeavors too risky.

I tried sending him a message back to smooth over his concerns, and said we would work with him. Never heard back. This is from a month ago. I’m still looking for all the tweets over the past couple of months, but twitter search isn’t helping right now.


Seems like open-sourcing the code attracts indeed entrepreneurs and would spark the launch of many products.


That’s what underlines my impression that Nu can’t afford staying closed source if it wants to stay at the top of pegged crypto currencies.
Skilled devs will focus on other projects - the more of them the longer Nu stays closed source.
Why should they answer back if they already found something to work on?
Nu has been lucky to attract skilled developers.
Better not push the luck too far!


While it’s crucial to release the source code at some point, the timing should be really good. For example, if we can close some “big deal” which would give Nu a big boost then releasing the source code at the same day would be a nice idea. Hypothetically speaking, if NuBits was to be integrated in BTC-e, Bitstamp or Coinbase then releasing the source code would be safe. NuBits would be above any clone competition then. It’s too bad that nushares and nubits share the same source code because if they were different builds we could only release the source code for nubits wallet but not nushares?

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I don’t think there will be a “big deal” until we’re open source. While I agree it would be a nice idea of timing with some big release, most companies are reluctant to work directly with any decentralized networks. They operate through third parties like coinbase or bitpay. None of those third parties have touched any project that isn’t open source. If the third parties, which are clearly more daring and experimental, won’t even work with projects that are closed source it seriously leaves no hope for NuBits.

It’s up to the project to take on the risk and prove itself. There will be no “big deals” taking on that risk for us. I think we have the momentum to make it happen, and going open source will only speed up that process. Then maybe we’ll get queued up for some big deals.


Yeah, I guess that’s the same risk Bitcoin initially took :smiley: and no one cloned it for several years. So, let’s pass this motion!

can I vote a motion on the wallet that is not minting but includes the same private keys that the wallet that is minting? Thing is that my NuShares PoS ASIC is far away from me but I have the same wallet opened in my PC just to monitor how the minting goes. Would I have to set the motion at the PoS ASIC or can it be done at the monitoring wallet too?


You have a PoS ASIC? What do I have to imagine when thinking about a PoS ASIC?

Regarding your question: No, you have to set it in the wallet where you’re staking on. You probably can also set it on the PC and then copy the walletS.dat over to the staking client (be careful though: the Nu wallet format is very sensitive to the db_cxx version. When you copy a walletS.dat created on one machine to a target machine with a different version of db_cxx, then nud will most probably crash)

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…unless NSR holders are too afraid to let it pass.
But then I don’t understand why they bought NBR at all. After all Nu is still a risky experiment.
Not letting this motion pass looks like there’s something to defend.
Trying to defend what can be sustained on that level doesn’t help Nu, but dooms Nu to be overtaken by competitors - sooner or later.

Nu has achieved great things. Almost all that has been achieved so far could be achieved by the developers, the community, the power of endurance of Nu alone.

I’s time to reach for more. This can’t be achieved by Nu’s internal power. The next big steps can only be taken if Nu is open source.
Don’t you believe the experience @Coingame had with developers and potential partners that refused dealing with Nu because of Nu being closed source?
Don’t you undestand what that means?
Don’t mess this up by being too afraid to make the right vote!

Even the passed motion might open some doors.
And once the 45 days have passed and the code is open source, lots more will be opened.

Do NSR holders really want to let Nu fight with competitors and don’t even want to remove Nu’s shackles?
Good luck with that uneven fight…

Nu is big, a giant in terms of vision, dev team and community. But this giant will stumble and fall if it can’t be released from the shackles that bind him, slow him, restrain him.

Go big or go home!

If you prefer to chicken out of voting “Yes” to this motion, better sell your NSR now, because they won’t reach the heights you might be dreaming of as long as Nu stays closed source…


My guess is that it’s a RaspberryPi running the daemon.
As long as the Peerbox runs only Peercoin it needs to be a standard Raspbian or something similar that hosts the daemon.
If ASIC is term for dedicated and energy efficient mining, then this is ASIC of PoS.

Ah ok, then we’re in one boat and I can tell you from experience that copying the walletS.dat will not work. But I wouldn’t call a Raspberry Pi an application-specific integrated circuit … it can not only run the nud client but also the nubot :slight_smile:

“ASIC of PoS” is in terms of the energy efficiency.
ASICs of PoW have a very good energy per hash ratio that makes them ore energy efficient than non-ASIC solutions.
The “ASIC of PoS” is very energy efficient as well :wink:

As we know there’s no benefit of accelerating the speed with that the minting calculations are executed. But reducing the energy that is needed for doing the necessary calculations leads to a better energy efficiency.
Volia - the ASIC of PoS!

Ok, then I can’t vote just yet. I go to my farm where the PoS ASIC is once in a couple of weeks or so. Luckily my vote wouldn’t immediately change anything anyway.

…time to configure feeds…