[Passed] modPuddle Term 1 back pay for 2015-10-12 to 2015-11-11

Important update

NBT address has been adjusted. Voting can start!

I need to adjust the grant, because I can’t use this NBT address.

Please stop voting for this address. I don’t know what happens if this grant passes, but at best it does nothing (most likely) and is a waste of blockchain space, at worst it breaks something (I expect that proper error handling in the code prevents that).

I will update the grant with a new address as soon as I think the message has reached all voters and data feed providers.
@Cybnate and @cryptog, please remove this address from your data feeds.

Dear NSR holders,

modPuddle ended it’s first term.
Due to the immense volatility it was no success from an economical point of view (modPuddle perspective).
But I consider it a complete success from a technical perspective:

I want to thank especially @desrever for his extraordinary level of service and support.
He was very responsive and helped me a lot in the preparation.
This was mainly because I tried to help with API testing on hitBTC and getting NuBot 0.3.2 released.
Getting NuBot up and running was no big deal.

I don’t know who currently operates NuBot(s) besides NuLagoon - I’m not aware of other NuBot operators.
I want to encourage those who want to do a little bit more than only providing funds in ALP to consider trying out NuBot.
The hassle to install it and operate it are minimal and it helps decentralization of liquidity operation - there’s just more redundancy with more independent bots!

My NuBot ran fine on my RaspberryPi 2. I recommend a RaPi2, because especially during start of NuBot the CPU load is high and the RaPi2 is much faster than the RaPi1.
Nud was running on the same device.
I had 0 outages that were RaPi related.

Here’s my request for compensation for term 1 like presented in the term 1 conditions:

Proposal RIPEMD160 hash: b4291c7f8df51966ec31db9a771d0cb950695f38

=##=##=##=##=##=## Custodian Hash starts with this line ##=##=##=##=##=##=

Custodial Address: BQA8WXhnbqfbQ5bbRKHttoYAgufweUSeHQ
Amount Requested: 224 NBT

Operator: @masterOfDisaster
Type: NuBot
Exchange: hitbtc.com
Strategy: Moderate Peg
Spread After Fees: 1%
Liquidity volume: 1,500 NBT
Bid target volume: 50%
Ask target volume: 50%
Balancing bid/ask: at least each Wednesday
Balancing goal: each side between 45% and 55% of volume
Bid Reward Rate: 0.5%/day (pay back for 2015-10-12 to 2015-11-11)
Ask Reward Rate: 0.5%/day (pay back for 2015-10-12 to 2015-11-11)
Duration: 30 days
Operator Fee: 0 NBT
Total Grant: 225 NBT
Rollover from term 1 grant : 1 NBT
Requested compensation: 224 NBT

=##=##=##=##=##=## Custodian Hash ends with this line ##=##=##=##=##=##=

Verify. Use everything between and including the <custodianhash></custodianhash> tags.

I’ve made this a draft, but I think there’s not much room for interpretation of the hashed content.
If no one’s opposing this, I intend to promote it to [Voting] quite soon.


looks reasonable to me.

Good work done, sorry to see it discontinued. I would be backing other such proposals in the future.
Adding to my datafeed.

2d2e1489a526aa64e35c5731b0fea9620725c50a verified.

Will be voting shortly.

Oh, the NuBot on hitBTC continued running and I even refilled the funds to 1,500 USD value (on 2015-11-11, like announced here).
I have some trouble with “ghost reporting”, but together with @desrever I should get that sorted out.

But I just now realized that the same address can’t be used twice for a grant. I used BBZ4h88BwYCyE9q268LoArps6eodq9PDGH already when I started modPuddle to get an address for broadcasting liquidity.
Can you please remove it from your data feed?
I need to update the custodial address…
…the mistakes you make if you are inexperienced…

Just throw up another address and we can start voting for that one instead.

I’d like to be sure that people who configure their votes manually are aware of the situation as well as the data feed providers.
I hope I can change the NBT address soon.

As it’s only a back pay and modPuddle continued to run, there’s no need to hurry. On a side note it’s already quite deep in the red for only 4 days in term 2 (minus 56 NBT), but almost all in BTC at the moment. A rapid BTC swing upwards will easily even out the 56 NBT in the red either by gains from rising BTC value or by the increased spread if people dig through the order book.
Without parametric order book it would be a mess… Kudos to @desrever for the idea and the implementation!

I don’t care whether I get the 224 NBT for term 1 sooner or later.
My buddies have their money and I continue with my own funds.


Have not put the custodial address yet.

Please stop voting for the address BBZ4h88BwYCyE9q268LoArps6eodq9PDGH !

I’d like to replace it with a correct address, but don’t feel comfortable if so many votes are still cast for the wrong address (~20%).

Just put up a correct address and people will start voting for that one instead. It’ll draw attention to it.

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I will. As soon as @assistant replies, I’ll correct the address.
Initial post and the voting hotlist has been updated.

b4291c7f8df51966ec31db9a771d0cb950695f38 verified.

This custodial vote is for enabling @masterOfDisaster to continue modPuddle liquidity operations on hitbtc.
We need liquidity on hitbtc in order to avoid a centralized liquidity in polo.

BQA8WXhnbqfbQ5bbRKHttoYAgufweUSeHQ, 224 NBT voted

Strictly speaking it’s to motivate me to continue :wink:
The 224 NBT is for the first term that ended 14 days ago. I’m still running modPuddle on hitBTC in term 2, but would immediately stop if it turned out that I don’t get paid for it.
I’m not trying to sell services to NSR holders which they don’t want.


This grant passed.