[Passed] LPC grant request for supporting NBT/USD on CCEDK

cryptog, that is what I meant. Even a couple of k nubits is not a big amount and NSR marketcap is higher than NBT in circulation, every bit counts. We don’t have a good way to take nubits back yet.

exactly. @cryptog should ask for shares :smile:

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I assume that when you write NST you are actually referring to NBT, NuBits . Is my assumption correct?

@desrever Yes. Sorry. Have edited the title.

@willy @mhps All right.

Several people have advised me to change the compensation for the custodial work from a compensation in NBT to a compensation in NSR in order to keep a low ratio liabilities/assets of the Nu network as much as possible though @JordanLee seems to prefer NBT as you can see here.
Therefore I have decided to modify my proposal accordingly.

EDIT: link


I will vote for you.


I second that proposal - I’ll vote for it

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Currently having roughly 1.5% of shareholders’ support. I need more. :smile:

Please vote or let me know what you think about the current proposal.

Thank you very much.

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I have voted for it as well. I believe Nubits really need as much support on the USD side as possible to stand strong in the eyes of any potential merchants, payment processors etc., so this should only be the first of many NBT/USD support’s made possible, more to show the support here in the beginning without putting too much emphasis on whether it will be used as such. This part will come but only if people can say that it is always there and available.


I have now 2.4% of shareholder’s votes.
Some progress but still low.
Please vote or discuss the proposal so that I can modify some aspects of it, if necessary. Tks.

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I do not have any NuShares at present… still waiting for JL to answer my Bitmessage.

I do want to comment and say I am in support of this proposal as a potential NuShare investor. I would vote if I could :pensive:

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I’m glad to see cryptog is competing to become an LPC. I would like to bring everyone’s attention to the following proposal:

This was barely passed after two weeks of voting about a month ago. Because it is for NBT/BTC trading, that LPC is exposed exchange rate risk that cryptog won’t be. Also, I expect that as NuBot is trusted more and more that prices for providing liquidity will drop. My guess is the price at which this would pass is somewhere between 300 and 500 NBT.

Whenever a custodial grant proposal is edited a new NuBit/amount pair should be submitted so it remains clear what has been voted for.

Edit: While not used for voting, it is best practice to include the RIPEMD-160 hash of a custodial grant proposal to make it clear the proposal has not been modified.

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To me it is not entirely clear what you are asking for. The network can’t provide you with NSR, you will have to ask JL for that. In that case it would be good to which of JL’s proposal you are referring to. When you accept NBT, the network can provide it similar to XJABC’s proposal. I think it is best to update your proposal with the NBT amount and a new address so it is clear what we are voting for.

BTW Given the low risk I wouldn’t vote for it when reward is >500 NBT for 1 month. You might try a longer period, e.g. 2 months if you are looking for a higher reward. 25%/month is a bit steep to me for a relatively low risk activity.

Can such public distribution of NSR be executed by a group of trusted community members via a multisig address, according to voting results, so that JL doesn’t have to spend time on this mechanical work ?

Honestly, I just saw the post today. Then I started to vote. Is there an fast and efficient way to pass the relevant votes to shareholders? Maybe a push message to the client?

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Going a bit off-topic here, obviously NSR is more desirable than NBT. However one can buy NSR with NBT on the exchange, assuming NBT is trusted for that purpose. Or is the problem that NBT issued by the network is not backed by USD?

i also want to see custodian proposals in my wallet like miner said.
It will make the reaction more quicker than searching in the forum.

Right. NBT issued by the network are not backed by any USD. They are “backed” by costodian’s work so economically they could be money well spent but financially they don’t have corresponding USD in the Nu net.

Given the fact that my proposal got only 3.5% of shareholder’s votes after 5 days of being published and since it seems that it would be difficult to get shares (JL alludes explicitly to the fact that I should make a proposal similar to @xjabc 's one which asked for Nubits) this time, I will edit it and include a hash in it, within the next hours.

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