[Passed] LiquidBits term 3 Trusted Network Liquidity Pool

The effective daily interest rate is like 0.15% per day due to server (or software, depending how you look at it) problems.

I can confirm that and I’m working with CCEDK developer and @ronny to resolve this connection problem which suddenly occurred late last month and seems to have worsened.

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I am disappointed to see liquidity of the low risk and foundamental NBT/USD pair dropping.


Efficiency has come back to nearly 100%. Rejection rates goes down.

What is the current status on CCEDK NBT/EUR?
I don’t see any sell side liquidity right now.

I was the only one selling NBT on that pair. And they all got bought. Now I’m left with EUR in an overfull buy.

CCEDK has been amazingly accommodating with NBT. And their market maker offer is a great deal.
So this is a formal request to see if CCEDK could review lowering their instant buy spreads just a little. Right now the EUR/BTC instant buy price is 3% off from Kraken. That hurts. Because my options are a wire transfer (~1.5 to 2% hit) and then wait to get funds back to market. Or the 3% instant buy hit and have the funds back to market quickly. If the instant buy was 2% it’d be an easy choice.

@nmei do I understand it the way that a 2% instant buy rate would be ok for generally keeping the market afloat with equal buy and sell wall?

Thanks for for the compliment by the way. We try our best to make it interesting to trade on CCEDK.

@ronny Yes, a 2% instant buy rate would enable me to keep up both a buy and sell wall.

I am all for trying things at least once, so I will do that right away. done, hope that helps
and I have changed the trade commission to be 0,0001%, I need something for the trades to show on CMC, and hope thats ok. With a charge like this I dont feel you shoul feel it much, but let me know if it is not ok, then we talk about it and find a solution.


Now that is awesome service!

Thank you for keeping up your good service!
I know that some things went bad, but I honor your will to continue a service that is as outstanding as possible :wink:

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My pleasure. I have the firm belief that things can never stay bad for good.

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Someone bought all my NBT! I don’t know if I’ll have the time today to re-balance.


This manual intervention wouldn’t be required if a bot could automatically re-balance - that re-balancing would be a function required to avoid BTC fluctuation by the bot; sadly that kind of bot doesn’t exist yet.

It’s true that a more advanced bot would be helpful, surely. However, I am not convinced that there is not a more efficient solution. For instance, arbitrage between exchanges is very difficult to code in a bot, as many exchanges require something akin to email confirmation or 2FA in order to withdraw funds.
Basically, my argument boils down to that decentralization solves this issue. By offering tempting rates with limited target, an unfilled pool will attract providers such that the moment someone’s order is purchased someone else puts one in their place. This gives the custodians time to rebalance their own funds without Nu losing the peg.

On exchanges where there is a full hedging circle (NBT/fiat, NBT/BTC, BTC/fiat) a more advanced bot like you describe would surely be beneficial. However, there are just so many possibilities and parameters it could get quite complicated (and therefore expensive) to design a bot that fully meets your expectations.

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Unfortunately the upgrade from Nud 2.00 to Nud 2.01 didn’t go smoothly. Just restarting the daemon without restarting the pool software doesn’t seem to work, I have learned now. I’ve just restarted both. Hope it will be a while until the next update.

I will manually transfer the payout of yesterday and today in the next hour or so. I’m expecting normal automatic payouts tomorrow but will keep an eye on it.

My apologies for the inconvenience.

There are some issues with the server not responding. I’m now restarting the server.

The issues should now be fixed and the bots are returned to normal operation. ‘Back’ payout is underway.

Debts settled according to logs. Please advise if you still think a payout is missing.

Still some trouble with the bot on the BTC/NBT pair

2015/09/01-09:03:26 WARNING: too many rejected requests for btc on ccedk, adjusting nonce shift to -16
2015/09/01-09:03:26 WARNING: too many missing requests for btc on ccedk, increasing sampling to 142

but the bot on the NBT/USD pair has successfully resumed its operation.
ninjaedit: both bots up and running

I received 2 payouts for the BTC bot and 1 for the USD bot.
I’m too lazy to dig in the transaction history via RPC to check that :smile:
Maybe I do that later.
But off the top of my head this is ok as the daily compensation of the USD bot should be below 1 NBT per day leading to a payout each second day.

So far the operation of liquidbits was flawless; at least/especially in terms of payment. Technical trouble during beta is nothing to wonder about :smile: