[Passed] Liquidbits.net trustless liquidity provision on USD, EUR and BTC pairs

I see there are sell orders at higher price than 1.002 and buy orders at lower than 0.998. How do I set this spread and do I get bumped off earlier if the liquidity gets fully subscribed?

This spread is one of the configuration parameters the tllp bot uses.
From @Nagalim’s NBT/CNY pool settings

less unix/nupond/pool-bter-cny
# Determines market spread
offset = 0.004

If you increase this from 0.004 to, say 0.006 the bot’ll place sell orders at 1.003 and buy orders at 0.997.
It depends on the parameters of the pool whether you’ll get rewarded for liquidity with that big spread.

Thanks. I didn’t know this was possible with LiquidBits bots. Looks like it is also allowed on policy level as https://raw.nupool.net/ counts these liquidity in.

I’ve switched all my tllp bots to the version provided by @Nagalim.
I love this parameter in the config files:

# Sets time (in hours) between bot resets. [bug fixer]
restime = 1.00

It doesn’t always help to fix bugs where not all is put into walls (in times where the compensation limit is not reached!) as a result of changing prices.

Using the same bot software everywhere makes maintaining and troubleshooting much easier :wink:

…just to be clear: obviously each bot runs a dedicated copy of @Nagalim’s pool software!

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LiquidBits allows a 0.0075 offset to decrease order replacing due to rates swings. I’m aware that this wouldn’t be required for fiat pairs. However I can only have a global setting for all pairs on the server. For term 4 I’m thinking of setting up another server so I can have different server settings for the fiat pairs vs the BTC pairs. An alternative is to reduce the offset from 0.0075 to 0.0025 or so.

Thanks for testing :smile: I’ve been holding off to ensure the changes made are stable and working.

Fiats can fluctuate by a few percent in a day, too. 0.002 on each side for EUR is alright. CNY floats within a band of few percent against USD.

I’m creating confusion again with this. The normal band stays 0.002 on either side. The 0.0075 percentage is what is allowed to deviate from that when rates change before the server shifts the order. I understand that with Nagalim’s version you are using that margin to place your orders wider than the standard 0.002 on either side. Apparently the server allows that.

Please don’t do that. I did that for a month, it gets buggy and weird. My CNY pool (I run 2 separate instances of server.py with separate custodial grant addresses, which is complicated and annoying) has a 0.6% tolerance: 0.4% offset, 0.19% deviation. This has been working wonders.

Your 0.75% tolerance is fine as a compromise between btc and fiat.

when i try to run the bot i get the error:
"could not retrieve ccedk ids,server is unreachable"
i haven’t changed anything in the conf file, i only set my nbt address and API keys.
I already run a bot in cryptsy from the same windows rig.

edit: now it is working. it could be a temporary exchange issue!

You might experience that ccedk is not as reliable as other exchanges in terms of API access :frowning:
But good enough to let a bot run there :slight_smile: