[Passed] Grant NSR to Phoenix for liquidity operations


If Jordan sold NSR into the buybacks, he would have the BTC to rescue the peg himself. In a way, with this theory, he chose to let the peg fail, by not putting his own BTC onto the market.


There was a moment when @JordanLee tried to pass motion about low spread, some very big share days destroyed were seen then, but it didn’t pass because competing motion from @masterOfDisaster was introduced that received similar level of support from different shareholders with less sdd though.

Funny vote behavior was seen there by old shares.

Actually, now that I think about it, it likely was a trigger to burn the house if bad actor theory is correct.


Yes, even with hard fork, how can we operate and ensure the redistribution?


Is it time to think about enforcing the execution of motions through the blockchain - we only have the passing currently


It seems that this has passed already.


4 million NSR were just sent to @jooize’s Poloniex account for sale. Proceeds will be used in accordance with a Statement of Policy I will finalize momentarily.