[Passed] Grant for NSR buyback and PPC reserve operation calculator

Oh yes. Who to ping to wake up assistant? It is down. I didn’t figure out how to write a proposal on daology. can it verify a hash?
I am traveling. Have to sign off now.


Will add to my datafeed once hashed.

@woolly_sammoth, assistant seems to be down again.

I’ve given it a second kick and it seems to have hashed your proposal.
I need to re-examine my last fixes, it works initially but then the main loop that checks the forum for private messages and mentions seems to get stuck.
It’s on the list.


Sorry for the delay –
Payment by a grant instead of FLOT would have been my main suggestion – thanks for putting it forth.

looks reasonable. Voting.

Hashed 87b0a95d87f3a1194ac51bcc0291bd135a2d06c7. Hash added to OP.

I didn’t want to use daology to hash because I feel that assistant is more consistant. But assistant has been unavailable or refuses to think the nbt address was valid (It received test send) so in the end I hashed with daology.


I will add that to my voting data feed

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Vote is 44% but SDD is already 53%. Some old shares are voting for this.

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Grant passed. Thank shareholders for their appreciation and trust. I will put the calculator on github in 24 hr (have to write a readme and add some comments).

I hope more development will come forward.

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Calculator is now opensource with MIT license at https://github.com/mh001/buybackcalc