[Passed] {Grant Failed, Please Vote on The New Addr Again} The Nu Lagoon Custodian Fee Request of Feb 2016

How about a monthly summary when you submit your fee request?

Could you list what info you would like to include in this monthly summary?
We will evaluate if they are feasible to implement.

  1. Average estimated liquidity in each tier throughout the month, and the tube. So this would be 4 numbers, don’t have to be perfectly accurate.

  2. Approximate average split amongst T1 between exchanges (what % polo and hitbtc, sums to 100%).

  3. Something about rebalances. Like, frequency and magnitude moved from T3 down to T1. Basically, how much you deposited and withdrew from exchanges throughout the month, with what frequency. Again, you dont have to be perfectly accurate, just an idea.

  4. Some monthly statement about NAV. Even just a link to the NAV charts would be fine here.

  5. Get creative? Give some numbers to tell shareholders they spent their money wisely. Marketing is everything.

The idea is to give a single place that someone can go to check up on y’all, with all the info collected in one post. It seems to make sense to do that when you’re asking for payment.


Added to my datafeed. I noticed that this address has been used before an earlier grant over 6 months ago.
Can we safely assume that this works?

If a grant has passed on a previous address it won’t work aagain. If the previous grant did not pass it will work.

In that case:

@henry, could you please provide another address for us to vote.
The address you provided have been used before; [Passed] The Nu Lagoon Custodian Fee Request of Sep 2015 and was granted on 10-Sep-2015.

I think would be nice to give processing times for transactions to take place:

  • for NuLagoon Tube transactions
  • for NuLagoon Withdrawals

So people can plan ahead if they want to use your service, and the overall operation will look also much more professional.

Thank you for the kind reminder.

The Grant Address has been updated to:

BHAU3ZGUqFNfFpHbMK2Jjf4izL1XGrjGfY, 4760.00 NBT`


Have added this to my voting feed

We just realized that the nubits was not successfully granted because the updated granted address is still an old one which was granted in Oct 2015.


We don’t know why somehow when we try to generate a new address in our wallet, the wallet give us an old one. We will do some more research to see if could find the exact reason of the problem.

Share holders please revote on the following address once again. Really sorry for the unconvienience caused. Thank you.

BExP2RYt43WsPCHGFH8PuwntbC26J19xUz, 4760.00 NBT

Will be interested to hear about what happened.

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I am a user in nulaggon but i am forced to withdraw my vote until i find evidence that Nu lagoon is indeed supports Poloniex.

Nu lagoon is. Except for sometimes the running Nubot stops working, it has to be restarted. We will check the status of the running NuBot on Polo.

I am really glad to hear that. Many times i am struggling to find the presence of nu lagoon in Poloniex.
Thus i have started this thead

in order to monitor LPs my self :slight_smile:

We just figure out what was exactly happened:

  1. We tried to upgrade to V2.1.1.
  2. The upgrade failed, we deleted the data directory and tried roll back to V2.0.3.
  3. We were in a hurry to send transactions from nulagoon wallet, so we restore the whole Nu data directory from a backup of 09/2015.
  4. We realized the wallet file was restored too, and checked the balance was correct. (Because all the addresses which are different between wallets 09/2015 and 02/2016 have 0 balance)
  5. We generated a new address and realized later that the wallet gave us an address which was new for wallet 09/2015 but old for wallet 02/2016.

Nu wallet works fine. Please use caution to restore wallet file even it has correct balance.



all right.


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Will correct the grant address in my voting data feed and remove the wrong one, which is: address “BHAU3ZGUqFNfFpHbMK2Jjf4izL1XGrjGfY”

It passed.