[Passed] First deposit to FLOT NSR address

According to the current motion governing FLOT f99ddf406a32d39be7d614c13dc1ce63c96e4003, 25.000.000 NSR shall be requested for FLOT, to use in accordance with that same motion. Shareholders please vote for the following grant to FLOT NSR address SvtGbNjWE49pTM2TiUZrYKSNkxTJx75mmC:

SvtGbNjWE49pTM2TiUZrYKSNkxTJx75mmC 25000000

Thank you.


Adding to my datafeed.

I think it’s more appropriate to let @NSRbuyback send proceeds to the NSR group for the time being.

If we are to stick to the terms in f99, it will take quite some time to gather 25mil NSR from buy back at current rate. Time perhaps doesn’t matter unless all of a sudden 25mil NSR needs to be sold.

This grant is supported by a passed motion, against which I didn’t voice concerns in the first place. Though I also see no reason to outright object to it, there’s simply not enough liquidity to absorb 25m NSR even over a month or two at good prices. Just something to think about for future regulations.

We should seriously consider

And maybe @beachlurker’s

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I agree. I think we should really consider funding nsr market maker dev.

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SvtGbNjWE49pTM2TiUZrYKSNkxTJx75mmC is indeed a NSR FLOT address.