[Passed] A grant to make NuBot work with Liquidity Pools

@masterOfDisaster responded this

Fix coming soon

@Nagalim is right, for testing purposes I reccomend using wider spreads (editing OP) . You can obtain them by changing these config parameters


@zoro I can’t reproduce your issue.

Could you please post your config (make sure to omit api keys) and paste the full log of the error?


PS: have you noticed southxchange uses a swapped pair (NBT-denominated)? This changes the game quite a bit, make sure you set the right params

This is my config:

“apiKey”: “xxxx”,
“apiSecret”: “xxxx”,
“mailRecipient”: “xxxx”,
“exchangeName”: “SouthXChange”,
“dualSide”: true,
“pair”: “nbt_btc”,
“rpcUser”: “zoro”,
“rpcPass”: “xxxx”,
“nubitAddress”: “xxxx”,
“nudPort”: 9091,
“bypassStreaming”: true,
“nudIp”: “”,
“mailnotifications”: “SEVERE”,
“submitLiquidity”: false,
“executeOrders”: true,
“verbosity”: “NORMAL”,
“gitter”: true,
“multipleOperators”: false,
“txFee”: 0.1,
“priceIncrement”: 0.002,
“emergencyTimeout”: 60,
“keepProceeds”: 0.0,
“wallchangeThreshold”: 0.1,
“webport”: 9995,
“bookDisabletier2”: true,
“bookSellwall”: 1500.0,
“bookBuywall”: 1500.0,
“bookSellOffset”: 0.015,
“bookBuyOffset”: 0.015,
“bookSellMaxVolumeCumulative”: 6000.0,
“bookBuyMaxVolumeCumulative”: 6000.0,
“bookBuyInterval”: 0.002,
“bookSellInterval”: 0.002,
“bookSellType”: “EXP”,
“bookBuyType”: “EXP”,
“bookSellSteepness”: “HIGH”,
“bookBuySteepness”: “HIGH”,
“poolModeActive”: false,
“poolURI”: “”,
“poolPayoutAddress”: “”,
“poolSubmitInterval”: 50,
“mainFeed”: “blockchain”,
“backupFeeds”: [

and the standard log:
19:57:14.679 INFO - defined session log path logs/bot_sessions/0.4.1-RC1_1456768634679_4655db - [c.n.n.bot.Global:116]
19:57:14.814 INFO - Session ID = 0.4.1-RC1_1456768634679_4655db - [c.n.n.b.NuBotBase:85]
19:57:14.843 INFO - Set up SSL certificates - [c.n.n.b.NuBotBase:168]
19:57:14.860 INFO - installKeystore. trustall: false - [c.n.n.u.Utils:346]
19:57:14.880 INFO - Reading keystorefile from : /C:/nu/nubot41RC1/res/ssl/nubot_keystore.jks - [c.n.n.u.Utils:361]
19:57:14.908 ERROR - java.lang.NullPointerException - [c.n.n.e.ExchangeFacade:173]
19:57:14.924 INFO - Swapped pair mode : false - [c.n.n.b.NuBotBase:205]

As I said earlier, the pair is swapped :

"pair": "btc_nbt",

EDIT: and lowercase exchange name

"exchangeName": "southxchange",
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It is working now. The order type and quantity is a little bit weird though :slight_smile:

RC2 available @ https://bitbucket.org/JordanLeePeershares/nubottrading/downloads/nubot-v0.4.1-RC2.zip


I made preparations to release funds from the multisig address as soon as 0.4.1 is considered complete.

Would you call it safe to provide liquidity with 0.4.1-RC2 on Poloniex?
I wouldn’t dare doing that unless I get a go from you, but I have no idea how stable and reliable RC2 is.

Stability wise this would be as safe as 0.3.2a. I can’t and I won’t vouch my life on it, because software is software, but I am confident it will behave. I’ve done tests myself and so did @willy, if I recall correctly.

I’m not asking for your life :wink:

is sufficient for me.

This is new, right?

20:20:54.211 [checkNud] WARN  - Nu client is locked and will not be able to submit liquidity info.
Use walletpassphrase <yourpassphrase> 9999999 to unlock it [c.n.n.R.NudClient:116]


walletpassphrase <yourpassphrase> 9999999 true

is working as well.

Poloniex NuBot upgraded to 0.4.1-RC2 and running:

20:23:32.880 [checkOrders] WARN  - Liquidity info submitted:
        tier=1 buy=1500.00000146 sell=1500.0 identifier=1:NBTBTC:poloniex:0.4.1-RC2_1457381857080_9340b0 response=true
        tier=2 buy=12939.9 sell=4195.9615718 identifier=2:NBTBTC:poloniex:0.4.1-RC2_1457381857080_9340b0 response=true [c.n.n.t.CheckOrdersTask:142]
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Testing period is over : NuBot 0.4.1 tagged and released.
Will make a write up soon in the release thread.

I also invite 2/3 of the HR department :wink: to execute the payment transaction
(@erasmospunk @masterOfDisaster and @woolly_sammoth ) on BJpNkPBsWpKDpqXh5BMamWeJg5eZ2bbkqi .

Also provide me with a NBT address to pay for this custodian service.


I suppose you needed the full 3,000 NBT, right (It’s in fact only 2999.7128 on the multisg address)?
And I suppose you ask for custodian addresses, because of the 20 NBT fee.

Might we just transfer all funds to you and you distribute the 20 NBT to the custodians and burn leftover funds?
Otherwise I adjust the transaction to send the 20 NBT to the custodians as soon as addresses are available.

Transfer of 2999.7028 NBT to @desrever’s address BJpNkPBsWpKDpqXh5BMamWeJg5eZ2bbkqi; signed 1 of 2/3


Please use my address form the multisg for sending me the 20 NBT (BMuw3ZGFvQd5syVLBz8ywCUin6GXsZbHXN)

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Correct. All entries and tasks are tracked. I went over limits and stopped tracking time :wink:

Might we just transfer all funds to you and you distribute the 20 NBT to the custodians and burn leftover funds?

yep, if you think it makes sense.

Everything looks good (quickly skimmed the code) so I co-signed and broadcast the transaction.

@desrever could you please burn as fees the 20NBT reward and post the transaction.

(A comment regarding these kind of contracts, it would be nice if I got a notification from my wallet with a link of this thread and a button to easily allow me to co-sign. For example the Copay wallet sends you co-signing notifications but it isn’t a cross-wallet system. We need some kind of a standard.)


Received the payment. Thank you all for the support, now I am all ears while receiving bug reports.

20 NBT tx to mod http://blockexplorer.nu/transactions/a0eff85a3a974199b429c8d79b5381ba603c0ed0c05b5c369ea50c9bbebf312f

20 NBT burned


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Testing nubot RC2 as a sell side gateway in SouthX, i cannot place orders after NBT --> US-NBT.
Should i wait for a new revision?

With a kind of checklist NuBot operators (gateway operators, ALPv2 clients) could provide valuable feedback for the NuBot dev team.
Let me try running a NuBot at SouthX as well. I think you are right with your assessment. A second test wouldn’t hurt, though.

@desrever, @woolly_sammoth, I can reproduce trouble running NuBot 0.4.1 on southxchange:

2016-04-03 20:57:16,372 ERROR - ApiError [1 :  Invalid market] - [priceTriggerTask - c.n.n.s.S.StrategySecondaryPegUtils:391]
2016-04-03 20:59:35,817 INFO  - Cannot find a balance for currency with code NBT or BTC in your balance. NuBot assumes that balance is 0 - [checkOrders - c.n.n.t.w.SouthxchangeWrapper:173]
2016-04-03 21:01:48,389 WARN  - Liquidity info submitted:
        tier=1 buy=0.0 sell=0.0 identifier=1:NBTBTC:southxchange:0.4.1_1459716287133_9aaac8 response=true
        tier=2 buy=4.07 sell=0.0 identifier=2:NBTBTC:southxchange:0.4.1_1459716287133_9aaac8 response=true [checkOrders - c.n.n.t.CheckOrdersTask:142]

The liquidity is broadcast correctly, but I’m not able to create T1 orders.

nud getliquiditydetails B | grep BETwD8nSjtj9ADSvej2na34xmsMYwPRymv -A 400 | grep 0.4.1_1459716287133_9aaac8 -A 2
        "1:NBTBTC:southxchange:0.4.1_1459716287133_9aaac8" : {
            "buy" : 0.0,
            "sell" : 0.0
        "2:NBTBTC:southxchange:0.4.1_1459716287133_9aaac8" : {
            "buy" : 4.07,
            "sell" : 0.0

As I’m not able to create issues at Bitbucket, I created the issue here :wink:


@masterOfDisaster any tip to run the second nubot at one machine ?

Sure - create a new directory for the second NuBot and extract the archive with NuBot there.
Or simply clone the current NuBot directory.
Adjust the config file.
Run it.
If you are on a Linux shell only machine, you might find the application screen convenient.


Thanks for the bug report. I can make a simple patch, will do this afternoon and also check for the same on CCEDK while I am there.