[Passed] 700M NSR For Deal with BarterTrade

Mix of both, if people see a heavy precense on social media, and that theres work being done and progress, then like the guy said above, people will start buying and accumulating without selling below 1$.

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this place is all about fake profiles answering fake profiles. bullshit here is the goal. PASCAL HAMONIC and JULIEN YUKI HAMONIC SCAMMERS ! You will spend good time in jail ! liars ! good luck to everyone.

I tried to help when started. I made a search and proof, nobody believe me. now you face the reality. go to zero ! I lost 46k here. I learn my lesson to don’t do the home work and search about the company. with small search I find out with was scam. was to late. I contact the team over 20 times. I got only on email telling me to hold. I sold a .37 cents. the money I lost here gave me a lot problems. it is what it is, lets move on . This coind is DEAD, DONT BELIEVE IN FAKE PROFILES HERE. ITS ALL FAKE. Check those videos on youtube about nubits scam,

Please provide links to one of those videos so I can judge the quality. Quite frankly, scam accusations in crypto are thrown around all the time. Usually there is very little, if any, evidence of actual scams.

Having been conversing with @woolly_sammoth for quite some time now, I sincerely believe he is completely honest. There has in this project been some mismanagement and problems in market communication, as well as some old fashioned bad luck. But the concept is genius and I sincerely believe we will be able to restore the peg and make the Nu project a key part of the future Barter Trade ecosystem.


I don’t think Nubits is a scam as per the usual definition. But it’s definitely a failure and it will be extremely hard if not impossible to recover the peg. Perhaps you should consider rebranding it or something. A fresh start might be good.

Actually not impossible at all,they can even fix the peg now on Bittrex with the current amount of fund’s the team has.

Its not impossible, especially if listed on more exchanges, but rebranding isn’t a bad idea but not in a big scale, new twitter, new logo, more trusted members behind the scene that makes it known that theres progress being made! Ima hodl and try my best to become part of the team.

All about adoption in this cryoto world :ok_hand: i rather focus on behind the scenes stuff and slowly get the peg back, lets get to work!!!

Btw where can i purchase NBT? I want to stock up 100k

Until the 26th you can still buy it at Bittrex. It is certainly an advantage for restoring the peg to have people who have the right intentions to be buying right now. We are planning on providing heavy incentive for actually using the peg in altcoin pairs, once the exchange is launched. It might sound simplistic like this, but there is a pretty in-depth plan to it all.

Sweet, yeah im aware of bittrex, ive been stocking up, but yeah, i have faith. Its early times still.

I’m not saying it’s impossible, I’m saying it’s extremely hard.

The recommended exchange is SouthXchange but I don’t know if the Nubits liquidity team is maintaining $10,000 there as they claim or not.

Hopefully after delisting, there is a way i can buy more asap!

In the last 300 blocks, 87% of blocks have voted for this grant and BarterTrade partnership. Considering many or most of the dissenting 13% of blocks are probably just not paying attention, this is a truly remarkable degee of consensus among shareholders.

It is great to see NuShare holders show such unity in their vision! I am excited about what lies ahead.

Our key problem was the NuBit : NSR ratio got too high. It was over 1500 at one point. In the last month it has dropped to less than 12, a huge improvement. I am optimistic we can make further gains in that liquidity ratio as Bittrex delists and BarterTrade lists.

While serious risks remain, potential rewards are staggering for USNBT and NuShare investors. Huge gains have been had before. I remain dedicated to rewarding those who support our network.


:heart::heart::heart: lets go!


Explain serious risks as well as gains , more in depth please.

This has passed.
Thank you all for voting.
There is a little while now until BarterTrade are ready to deal so I have transferred the NSR away from my single signature address and into the original multisig address transaction 10da8d10122ef204f9ec2cd7a3165321327c929e59df6f51ccb2d7fb3311333b in block 2422635


Deal complete?

Not yet, no. I am in close contact with @torjusg from BarterTrade though. As soon as the deal is complete, I will update here.

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