[Passed] 500,000 US-NBT Grant for Liquidity Operations


I’ve created two new topics about B&C funds and Earning of Nu team as this topic is about discussing a grant.


I do not find myself in authority to do that. My plan is to request a NuShare grant to recover the B&C Exchange development fund.


i d like to see a NBT grant not a NSR grant.


I agree that I also would prefer NBT and tie it into this grant, but the funds were lost as NSR after all.


I would like to have seen this done in smaller increments and distributed amongst many active shareholders… It’s very concerning to have so much responsibility & liability concentrated to so few points of failure regardless of how trustworthy they may be. Why don’t we have 2-3 separate sources running the nubot on each exchange? With a clear and transparent weekly report from each operator including earnings and/or liquidity deficits/needs. Then manage liquidity distribution with much smaller bi-weekly motions/grants. It would require more effort but greatly reduce our risks, points of failure and be well worth it for gaining community trust (and increasing NSR value without relying on buybacks). Personally I’m on a gigabit fiber connection with no data cap and am already running half a rack of HP ProLiant servers with 2 of them not currently being used at all plus I have many spare RPi2&3’s (meganerd). I could even increase my bandwidth to 10-gigs (up&down) for an extra $180/mo if warranted. We need to grow the network. It makes a lot of sense to have someone like jooize centrally managing the many community network operators but it makes no sense to place such a burden on him that it’s basically him with just one other community member financially liable for the entire future of the Nu network. We could easily see rapid growth in the near future if we make the right decisions and head the right directions!


That would definitely sting, fuck indeed… I think for me the most important thing now would be to ensure that B&C has a future at any cost necessary. I definitely agree your given investment and associated risk more than motivates responsible decision making and your opinion should be respected & carefully considered within the community.


Any idea for “right decisions”?