[Passed] 2000000 USNBT Grant for Liquidity Operations

Did I or we insult you? Sorry. I don’t know what more to say regarding our topic. I don’t understand your explanation.

Facts and explainations are not looked upon kindly here.

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I stand by that at least your first posts read like that. Then I try to understand your point. I still hope to see it explained. I’m curious to know others’ perceptions. I find it unjustified to say that we’re not welcoming actual facts and explanations. What isn’t welcome is wild speculation with conclusions and simply repeating that NuBits is terrible.

You are so off-base I don’t even know where to start.

Here we have a thread where you are all blatently wrong about the basic functions of your chief competitor, and you still refuse to show even a lick of modesty.

Whatever, this conversation is not worth having.

That’s what I have often felt the last year, but I dig into the complexity of untangling people’s strange posts anyway.

Surprised to hear that. Will hope someone else advices me if it should concern me.

This passed a while ago.