Park Rate Voting


Park rates for 1.5 months and less are currently dropping. That is a very expensive direction for rates to move at this time. I am certain it will cost shareholders a lot more money than if they raised these rates. Our other option is to sell NSR, but that is very expensive at the moment, given the low NSR price. Overwhelmingly, getting support at this time with park rates is the cheaper option.

Please set park rates for 5.7 days to 6 months at 28% annually. It is quite possible we will want to go higher soon.


With very little buy support for NSR (only a few BTC on orders), increasing park rates seems necessary in the short term to boost demand for NBT, which will hopefully reduce NSR sell pressure required to keep the peg.

It’ll be interesting to see if Nu can avoid dropping the peg this time.

Keeping reserves so low in the good times late last year has put Nu in a difficult position now… I just hope NBT holders hold, and NSR buy support picks up soon.