[OLD] Cryptog's datafeeds - BETA

Yes, adding a salt to the list of motions seems like a good idea.

deleted 876e10611809f3a90f2216fb61f107d3b7c9c469 because it passed.

There are some issues:

  • privacy: the data feed consumer may not want to reveal he’s using this data feed
  • security: if it’s clear a data feed has a large consumer base then it becomes a target

The data feed system was designed with the goal that you can’t differentiate someone voting by himself from someone using a data feed. This is not completely achieved but adding an identifier would be a step in another direction.

Ok that’s a good point, I guess. But from the attacker’s point of view, isn’t it possible to approximate a data feed’s popularity anyway? If that can be done then it’s easy to still target popular data feeds. Does this secrecy really solve a problem or is it just an easy obstacle for the attacker?

There will probably always be a way to statistically identify data feed popularity. But there are ways to make that less reliable (maybe up to making it useless, or nearly equivalent to identifying popularity of the voted items).

Or, we could take a conservative means to defend against a targeted attack on popular data feeds — by replicating the data feed. We could even go as far as to include the datafeed in the block chain itself. Then, an attack on the data feed would become equivalent to an attack on the whole nubits network.

  • Voting in favor of Nu Lagoon.

  • Reduced parking rate from 25% to 10% because I believe Nu has increased buy liquidity sufficiently.

  • Deleted Nu Lagoon motion because it passed.

  • Reduced park rates from 10% to 5%

Reason: At the time of this writing Nu has 70k of parked NBTs.
The buy side and sell side are balanced around 50k each.
There is no selling pressure.

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How many nushareholders are subscribed to this datafeed?
Is datafeed subscribing efficient?

Good question.
I guess there are only a handful of suscribers.

You can approximate it from the requests to your feed and perhaps count the number of different IP addresses making the requests periodically.

I ll try to write a small script though i m not a programmer.
Github api should let you get this kind of info i guess.

It seems that I cannot edit the opening post any more.
Therefore I think I would create another thread with an OP that I do not need to edit, meaning I will not mention explicitly the content of my feeds.
The content of the new OP would be:

Based on the model of Cybnate’s datafeeds charter, I have created my own charter.
Please consider subscribing to my datafeeds if you feel it suits your vision for Nu.

Cryptog’s datafeed charter - BETA

Here is the information to subscribe to my experimental datafeed. Please take note of the disclaimer at the bottom before subscribing:

URL: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/cryptog/nu_data_feed/master/cryptog_nu_data_feed.json
Signature URL: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/cryptog/nu_data_feed/master/cryptog_nu_data_feed.json.signature
Signature address: SSmCygqYLTmzaQwL2i7ScryVdsdjK2hhgV

Documentation on how to add a datafeed to your client can be found here: http://docs.nubits.com/v1.0/docs/using-a-data-feed. If you don’t like parts of the vote you can untick them and add your own vote manually. Subscribing to this data-feed will overwrite any votes you had set in case you have ticked all the boxes in ‘Part of the vote to update’.

This charter describes the process on which grants, motions or park rates will be included. As it is impossible to foresee each scenario I can only give some guidance on how I would include or exclude new motions and custodial grants. I may add further guidance on my voting strategy or intentions in this charter in this thread.

Custodial grants and motions
I will endeavor to assess draft motions and draft custodial grants once posted. When they are published for voting, and I’m in favor I will try to add them within 24 hours into my datafeeds.

When you have added the Signature URL you will be notified by the client of any changes to the datafeed.
The actual datafeed can be looked at here: https://github.com/cryptog/nu_data_feed/blob/master/cryptog_nu_data_feed.json
Any changes can be viewed here: https://github.com/cryptog/nu_data_feed/commits/master. I will try to provide clear descriptions. The last change is always on top. When the description of the changes is not clear you could click on the description and see the actual changes I made shaded in green.

The data-feed is provided free of charge. To the full extent permissible by law, I disclaim all responsibility for any damages or losses (including, without limitation, financial loss, damages for loss in projects, loss of profits or other consequential losses) arising in contract, tort or otherwise from the use of this data-feed or inability to use this data-feed, or from any action or decision taken as a result of using the data-feed.

I have created another thread to advertise my feeds because I wanted to edit the opening of this thread but could not.
Please refer to [NEW] Cryptog’s datafeeds - BETA if you want to get my feeds.
Please note that nothing (URL, signature URL, or signature address) has been modified.
The title of this thread has been modified to [OLD] Cryptog’s datafeeds - BETA to indicate the shift to the new thread.
Tks for your attention.