NuBits giveway - Post here your best memes and win up to 35 NBT!

Entry #2:



Entry #3:


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Updated my entry to appeal to a broader audience. :smile:


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Oh my god, so many good entries and still 3 days to go…

Don’t forget to like 1 or more!


Only one vote is allowed in this contest (hey, it’s your rule :wink: )!

And I think most members are aware of that fact and that’s the reason for the low number of likes so far (because there are a lot of contributions that are for sure liked!).

There’s need to wait until close to the end to really vote for the best one…

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My apologies for the confusion. But the one like a person was meant in the context of multiple aliases created by one person. I don’t see a problem with one alias liking many posts!

This is how i interpreted it as well. You can like as many posts, just don’t make shadow accounts to gain additional likes.

Just a final call for entries and likes, we have only a couple of hours to go.

2nd and 3rd place are really close, make a difference with your Like!

Closing at 9pm (UTC+7 America west coast) today.


Ok the thread is closed now. Thanks for all the submissions and the Likes.
We are counting the Likes. Will be back soon…

Stay tuned


Here are the winners of the first NuBits giveaway contest:

On number 3 with 3 Likes we have @sentinelrv with the skeleton waiting for Bitcoins to stabilise. Excellent.
Your entry ended on a tie with @tomjoad. However as we went by the rules of this contest, both @coingame and me choose sentinelrv’s as the best of the two. Congrats with your 10 NBT.
Here is the link: NuBits giveway - Post here your best memes and win up to 35 NBT!

On number 2 with 4 Likes we have @Chronos with ‘One does not simply …buy NuShares’. Awesome, can be taken straight from the best marketeers. Will keep that one, maybe it should be on top of one of the How to buy NuShares threads :wink:
Congrats with your 20 NBT.
Here is the link: NuBits giveway - Post here your best memes and win up to 35 NBT!

And then…
all quiet please

the winner is…
count to 3 first…

@JonnyLatte !!!

whistles, trumpets, shouting and clapping….

…with the NuBits roller-coaster running flat. 10 Likes. Have to admit that this one really jumped out. You had the first submission and the best, without discussion. We will invite you for the next contest if any, just to set the bar :wink: Enjoy your 35 NBT.

And no, we are not ready yet! Read on please… There is more!

@coingame is also sending 1 NBT to everyone who submitted at least one entry as a bonus for the effort. What about that? Not bad, I would say.

All the prizes are underway as we speak.

Here are the Txid for the winners, please check your wallets!
JonnyLatte: 800eeae9886a3004897cfe7f85d5a49b3e057b98ed52eeef7f534ac1e78cce34
Chronos: 72593f969876e4912c746f75c41fce2c927880bc3778f72ba787b6a0d5320513
Sentinelrv: 440c28112a9812f75070ff01cea5ec3db047403785360828e3ea880d0153beb1


@sportscliche and @miner did not post a NBT address. Please PM me an address and i’ll send you 1NBT

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