NuBits client 2.1 RC2 is out! Be patient - official 2.1 release still in testing!


I’ve been working with sigmike the past two days on trying to resolve it. He’s looking at the code. It seems to be mostly a windows issue which helps narrow things down a bit. From there I’ll try to get some more RC builds posted for the community to help test. If we get good feedback we can probably cut the release build after that.


I would like to see a new area in NU wallet to monitor the balance of a few addresses.
For example:

Yes, i am awful in photoshop :slight_smile:


Just found another bug in v2.1 RC8-beta (which you shouldn’t really use) with the parking.

Although the parking amount shows up in the overview screen, the actual park transaction doesn’t show in the ‘Park’ window. Unfortunately the funds have been parked till 2 November, so it will be a while to find out whether the transaction still worked and that it is only a display/gui issue. @sigmike

In v2.01/v2.03 the parking works as it should. Tested that recently.

Edit: a wallet restart fixed the problem.


Thanks @Cybnate for helping us move this a little closer to release. It would be great to see the optimization release actively developed again. @sigmike what are the prospects you will facilitate that?


I don’t know what remains to be done to make it stable. But I can make a proposal to merge @woodstockmerkle optimizations, fix the known bugs and make a new release candidate.