Nubits buy side volume

20:58 JST:

50k nbts on nbt/btc at bter.
14k nbts on nbt/btc at ccedk
4k nbts on nbt/btc at allcoin

Nice Job


quote=“JordanLee, post:20, topic:905”]
We bring in liquidity from tier 4 ourselves.

I see. I guess I need to review Finalized evolution of liquidity operations
I feel this post is crucial.

This time, we have 153BTCs worth of buy support at bter and 50BTC at ccedk.
Last time, the unbalance was the other way round.
So my interpretation is that I would need to transfer back and forth between the 2 exchanges depending on the situation, say for 1 month.

In your proposal you would want to establish an unbalanced threshold, perhaps 80%. This means that if either wall has more than 80% of the liquidity on a particular market it is considered unbalanced and action should be taken to balance it. You might want to specify how often you will check if markets are unbalanced. Please note you can get all the info you would need about markets just by entering getliquidityinfo B in the Debug window below the Help menu.

@JordanLee The unbalanced 80% threshold could be checked by a program I guess but I do not have the know-how to implement that. So in my case the checking process would be manual, which I think would be fine providing that I check on a regular basis, say every hour during the day and every 3h or so during the night, for example.