NuBits Android kickstarter-style pre-funding and roadmap - Please donate now!


Cybnate, I just donated 44.99 NBT to this. I believe the added Shapeshift functionality is very important. It will give us the opportunity to advertise NuBits and this stable value wallet to all the coin communities that Shapeshift currently supports, helping us to increase awareness.

For example, we can let Bitcoin supporters know that if there is a certain amount of Bitcoin they’d like to keep on their mobile wallet for merchant use, (but don’t want the value of that money to fluctuate) they can download the NuBits wallet, send their bitcoins to the wallet and immediately have them converted to price stable NuBits, but still be able to instantly convert back to pay merchants that only accept Bitcoin. I think this could be important to a lot of people.

I don’t know about the technical aspects involved, but maybe this functionality could even be added into the qt client as well in the future, so it would be supported on both mobile and desktop wallets.

Also, I think it’s responsible to try and raise money first, rather than printing out new NuBits to foot the bill. I just don’t think our community is there yet to do that on a larger scale. Maybe in the future we’ll have a version of Lighthouse for NuBits and a community large enough to donate NuBits or shareholder dividends to various important projects like this. For now at least, I don’t think we should wait for donations. This functionality is very important and I don’t think we should sit on it and wait.


I just donated 20.01 NBT


Thanks Mark and Sentinelrv. That was a nice last minute surprise. So we have now 260 NBT donated. Will put this against the cost of release 1 and lower the grant request.
Will close the donation round/kickstarter round now and as mentioned in my previous post just stay tuned for the proposal.


The draft proposal have been posted here: [Draft] Proposal for continuing developments on NuBits Android wallet. Hopefully voting can start within a week. Keep your clients ready :wink: