Nu Blind Auction NSR #8 (closed)

B&C directly utilizes Nu’s resource so to be thanksgiving, and B&C dev fund in NBT, help Nu=helping B&C, Btw, BC also needs a USD token.

I hope BKC to become anti-inflation, not a USD token.

That is how Nu pegging works – liquidity is offered by Nu to give market a stable price of nbt. No?

I think the reason of crashing so hard is that confidence in Nu community was suddenly removed when the architect, ignorant in what was the team were doing (e.g. blame @Cybnate who strictly followed orders, and disbanded the whole team without realizing it), wielded his then still existing authority over the community to drive away everyone tending the Nu machine.

I agree that we should have followed the Standard strctly. However I believe as long as the team and the architect are seen working together rationally confidence in Nu would not have been lost. How else can you explain that Nu lasted so long with 15% reserve? Price reflects confidence. Now we have someone who would rather commit a false identity suicide than admitting error ruling with one assistant. That hardly inspires confidence.

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Confidence built on revenue, nothing else is reliable.

Auction closed.

Google Sheets

Final reserve price

NuShare market price: $0.000312
NuBit market price: $0.689147
Bitcoin market price: $587.36

# 15% below NuShare market price.
# NSR * 0.85 = 15% of NSR

0.000312 * 0.85 = 0.0002652

# NuBit value according to market.
# 15% of NSR * (100/US‑NBT) = US‑NBT/NSR reserve price

0.0002652 * (100/68) = 0.00039

0.00039 US-NBT/NSR

# 15% of NSR / BTC = BTC/NSR reserve price

0.0002652 / 587.36 = 0.000000452

45 satoshi/NSR

ID2 wins and has been contacted.