NSR Buyback #8 - Week of November 16, 2015

I’m just looking forward to hopefully being included in the conversation more often. I’m sick of going on Reddit and seeing people list off BitShares and Ethereum as the things to get excited about and completely ignoring NuShares. Hopefully as we move around the same market cap level, people will begin to take more notice of us and find us worth putting more time in for researching.

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Investors should always be aware of the parameters interest, risk and liquidity and know that they can’t maximize all of them at the same time!
Others might differ, but an endeavour like Nu starts with high risk, high interest, but low liquidity.
The buybacks induce some liquidity and some NSR holders might take the chance to reduce their investment.

But looking at the prospect of Nu, the more and more refined liquidity operations, FLOT being formed, new products being prepared, entry and exit gateways as a means to inject big amounts in little time to markets, B&C Exchange creating additional demand for NBT, it doesn’t look bad for Nu.
Adding the successfully kept peg for more than one year and marketing on places like “The Daily Decrypt” to the equation makes me think that sellers might repent their choice quite soon.
Nu is in a better shape than ever!

The hype around BitShares can be doubted, but the project is ambitious. And Ethereum is a very intriguing project. I don’t wonder why they get a lot of attention so there’s in my opinion nothing to be mad about, although I consider both projects too complex.
I agree it’s strange that Nu gets ignored (almost) completely!
The benefit of that is that you can get more NSR at reasonable prices if you want to buy :wink:

The inner workings of Nu seem to be complex if you try to understand all the connections and relations of functional units and how they are tied to each other: ALP server/bot, NuBot, the layered liquidity model, grants, liquidity providers, FSRT, FLOT, etc. (just to name some important ones).

In an abstract view it’s simple: Nu contracts and expands units in circulation to keep them pegged. Full stop.

And the better Nu’s operational model sticks to a layered model in which the layers are connected by defined interfaces/gateways, the easier it can be understood, maintained, advertized.
The OSI model shows how this can be done for networks. Something similar is already available for Nu and its “liquidity network” (the tiered liquidity model and interpretations of it).
It just needs to be defined a little bit better and explained in easy words.
Then Nu can be understood completely with even less effort!

For some people it’s important to have a sufficient understanding about how things work, before they want to get involved in them or even invest money in them.
I believe, this kind of people will easier be attracted by Nu than by BitShares or Ethereum.
The business model of Nu is comparably simple!

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Thanks for reporting it!
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Unfortunately it was too much for that little thing and so it needed to pray to the porcelain god.

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NSR Buyback #8 is complete. 2,090,046 NSR were burned.

Debit: 0.00 NSR
Credit: 0.00 NSR
Transaction fee: -2090046.00 NSR
Net amount: -2090046.00 NSR
Transaction ID: 77141699e98ac9efe978f37f139b67ca84e747b1b72791b2e488c335587df649

We have burned 13,075,289 NSR since buybacks began. The current supply is 827,777,459 NSR.

64.3 BTC worth 20,710 USD will be used for NSR Buyback #8 next week.