New currencies development proposal


I tend to agree with this for now. And I’m watching the bird like a hawk :sunglasses:

Not sure where that comes from. Examples?


Well all members of Nu and BCE , including me, are associated with phoenix and jordanlee in a sense.
You are probably associated with the scam of money if you use it every day.


I didn’t exactly follow this plan. I instead developed 100% and published the final release 2 days ago. If some problems with the changes I made are discovered I will release bug fix versions, but I’m confident the code works fine.

So I’m asking shareholders to make the second payment now (the one that was planned for 50% of the development), and the remaining as planned 30 days after the release, so on 29 November.

I provide the 2 custodian addresses now. If shareholders want to make the 2 payments now they can.

Custodian address for the 2nd payment: BF6r13gzuogdHegfK17STpM46reYcSFNNd, amount: 3450
Custodian address for the last payment, due 29 November: B5ncThmfEqYiA11MZpFaHhmPFXGDkxHTgx, amount: 4600


This custodian grant currently has zero support.


Wake up, @Phoenix!
The Chief of Liquidity Operations needs to unleash his shares!


We have not established the multisig group and support for that grant is zero. Nu will fail to pay you in time. Shareholders must begin voting on it immediately.


This has passed