NBT sale by FSRT

Still 35% sell side, 65% buy side.

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25% sell 75% buy over last 15 minutes!


If that were the case for more than 4 hours (ok, only below 35% for 4 hours would be required to trigger the action), my motion draft (shameless plug) would restore sell side to 45% :wink:

Assuming a constant buy side that would mean more than 20,000 NBT (roughly 21,200) were brought to market from T6 sell side and $20,000 (in BTC) would be put to T4 buy side. If they’d stay there, they could be used for NSR buybacks, dividends, whatever the NSR holders decide…

i just sent a message to Jordan to buy NBT for polo sell wall :wink:

Just for the record:
my motion draft (repeated shameless plug trying to raise awareness…) would have initiated restoration of sell side to 45% by activating FLOT to sell NBT!