Microsoft to Sponsor Ethereum’s DEVCON1

It reminds me of what @desrever said in NuChat. He said he went to one event where there was a talk given called “A cryptocurrency price stability solution” by Professor Amentrano.

[quote=Desrever]he didn’t even mentioned nubits in his talk, despite he described the same things he talked about more than a year ago … he didn’t updated in a year I dear say, reading his hayek money whitepaper

unfortunately there were timing issue so questions were not allowed after talks…

but, at the end of the end, I had the organiser get him back on stage so I could ask him a question

my takehome is that

a) people that are non technical, alt traders, or new to the scene, don’t know nubits exist

b) they are excited when they hear about it

c) we shouold get to events like this and present what we’ve done, becuase otherwise there will be always some “Dr Prof Ametrano” making it sound like they invented it[/quote]

My response…


It shouldn’t be a surprise that our anonymous approach attracts less initial attention. Had Jordan Lee began Nu with his identity known, recruited a traditional start-up team, and applied for VC funding (or applied for incubators like YCombinator), Nu might be attracting the same level of attention as Ethereum has…

The trade-off in that approach is that there would be central points of attack (publicly known major shareholders) for the network. Jordan has taken the purist approach in designing Nu; completely decentralized and anonymous, resulting in a more durable, resilient network. I doubt I would be involved in the project if Jordan had compromised and established a traditional company. Our US-NBT product is working as expected and it’s only a matter of time before more people begin transacting with it.

Of course, if someone wanted to go speak about Nu at a conference shareholders should support that.


Anyone interested?

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I second and share every single word of this reply from @tomjoad

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I am interested

Vitalik has been touring China to ask money from the Blockchain fund, managed by Wangxiang.
Nu could take part.
Maker, the stable coin dapp on Ethereum is even taking part.

Agreed with everything you said. Fortunately, Nu gives shareholders the ability to provide funding support to people that want to represent us at public events like these. As Nu becomes more successful, we’ll hopefully be able to afford to do it more often. If anyone is interested in representing us, we can all work to help put together a presentation, which shareholders can then endorse through voting.


I think overall that the anonymous aspect of Nu is compatible with its decentralizedness. Anonymous meaning that the core architect works anonymously.
But it should not discourage shareholders from working in the open if they want to.
I think Nu should have also non-anonymous faces because it would help it gain public traction and it does: sigmike is not anonymous, ben either.
My self, I am not either. You can check my linkedin profile here .


I myself have struggled with whether I should be keeping my identity anonymous or not. People on here have tried warning me about it. I understand it could potentially be dangerous, whether it’s due to governments targeting me or even thieves. I lean more on the side of wanting to be public though. I don’t like having to hide who I am. If I were the architect of Nu or Peercoin I think that would be a different story, but I’m not that important. The more projects I see coming out with a full team listing with real names and photos, the less concerned I am about being publicly involved in crypto.

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Charles Hoskinson is one of the co-founders of Ethereum, although he is no longer with the project. He has said a lot of things that are germane to this discussion. A direct quote follows:

Conferences have the absolute lowest RoI. Also you’re really not going to win the Bitcoin community. Ignore them and move on to different cliques that have a lot more bang for your buck.

Full post with plenty of additional perspective can be read here:

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Actually, your identity can quite easily be identified through your facebook activity since you are the manager of the peercoin page – I can point to your facebook page, I believe:)

This conundrum could be solved by creating a spin-off company, just like Maker DAO is doing with Nexus. You could incorporate and specialize in developing tools that utilize/leverage the Nu network. That way it could be for-profit and also enjoy certain protection from the law in unlikely case that cryptocurrencies are ruled illegal.

Ethereum definitely is running at the forefront in terms of core technology; that’s why it’s catching the eye of many mainstream tech firms, and Vitalik was put on the editorial board of Ledger along with top academics. Perhaps conferences have bad ROI, but getting a big name sponsoring it is a big mainstream win.

That said I’m with @tomjoad that attracting this kind of support imposes an ideological cost to the ecosystem. In my opinion, Ethereum’s versatility is also its curse - unless it allows for much more efficient ways of dealing with blockchain bloat than others, in the long term it can only formally accommodate a handful of resource-intensive purposes at once. Special-purpose blockchains like ours always have a way to win in efficiency.

Thus aligning Ethereum’s interest with its sponsors would leave little space for the sort of ubiquity they are hoping for, even push away some great opportunities. There can still be a lucrative business model on top of that, but at least there’s less chance an Ethereum-based asset can be a direct competitor of Nubits.


Yeah, I don’t actively talk about my identity, but I haven’t done that much to hide it either, so I’m guessing it’s already too late anyway.

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I am still struggling to get a grasp about ethereum purpose and usefulness.
They have been around for 1.5y now-- anything useful that they have produced?

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“trust” will follow crypto universe for a long time (if not for ever). economics = trust anyway.
faces and real names help very much a startup company.
a manager that has the ability to promote the work and organize events is the most useful asset in a company.
but NU is a DAO, how can be handled and promoted as a traditional company?

this is huge for ethereum!

To reply to the “Nu anonymous DAO” argument, I think I know a way to get out there into the official sphere without having to reigster a company nor put any face on conferences :

Entering the “real cryptocurrency recognised business ecosystem” (if such thing exist) from the backdoor of science.

I insist we should try to get into Ledger ;`

nope, the first beta software came out two months ago. Go to their forum to get a feel of how much is being done in little time

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I read the white paper back in jan 2014…

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So now you can compute how long did it take them to go from whitepaper-vapoware to product :slight_smile:

In any case, i d like to take the best from Ethereum. Their ability to get publicity compared to Nu is difficult to ignore.
However it is still unknown to me what problem it solves.