[Mandatory upgrade] B&C Exchange 4.0 has been released

I’m not super up on eth, but as far as i understand there are issues with wallets and such. Fundamentally, B&C requires a multisig function on the native blockchain to work. If ETH has no accessible multisig functionality, B&C cannot support it. (Again, I don’t actually know if it does or not)

Being distributed and signers being anonymous are two different things.

Users will choose the more trustworthy exchange. Conceivably “Your money is handled by anonymous people elected by anonymous shareholders” does not sound all positive to all people. Having some publicly known signers, who have reputation at stake in real life, from a wide variety of countries might be better.

Realistically I am not sure most posters can hide their real IDs if governments decides to find out. Hiding identity will however help reduce being attacked by hackers of the garden variety.

If the signer is honest and having signer’s private keys compromized is the main concern, why can;t the B&C
signer software lock out the owner once it is started? For example after it is started, the signer software kills sshd and publishes a random generated key and use it for signing. The owner is honest and won’t put trojan/back door in the system so that she/he can only reboot the server and start another run of the software (which will update the keys), but will never have access to the private key – there is no key to steal from the human part of the system.

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Does every signer need to be supporting the same coin in order for that specific coin to be traded on B&C exchange?

I dont think so. The multisig addresses need signers. The signers are chosen by reputation. As long as there are enough reputable signers per coin it doesnt matter if they’re the same people or not.

So if shareholders required 6 signers, and only one signer supported Ethererum, it would still be traded?

The minimum required signers is voted on per asset. If shareholders vote to require six signers it could not be traded without at least six signers.


where i can defind the “signer”?

So the thing about anonymous signers and traders is that you can essentially buy reputation by trading with yourself using yourself as a signer. Only cost is the BKC. (And a little liquidity and time, but those are negligible)

So then we should be hoping that the people making proposals to become signers recently are all supporting the same coins?

There will be enough. Lots of time still. The requirements are still unclear.

Does B&C allow trades with 0-conf, or are btc trades restricted to 10 min or more? As an aside, what fee is used? Clearly, signers must agree on a fee. What do we do if core wins and a fee market is instituted? Real questions from real people.

any checksum ?

i compiled the src on a RP2 with:

cd pathto/src
sed -i ‘s/USE_UPNP:=0/USE_UPNP:=-/’ makefile.unix
make -f makefile.unix

if someone want this build instead of compiling it themselves, just say so and I’ll send you the file

Was the OS X version ever released? Does @Ben still take care of that?

We also have the new versions of Peercoin (v0.5.3) and Peerunity (v0.2.0) that need Mac versions so people can upgrade. Right now we only have Windows and Linux. How are we going about releasing these?

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