Let your investors inform what is your plan to get 1$ of nubits back

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It is important to remember that the only reason the peg has been restored in the past is the same reason it is being restored today, quite simply some people that trade Nubits simply do not even know what it is.

A high percentage of those people/accounts are just bots trading random currency pairs, some bots try to get in when there are signs of sharp increases which is really why the peg always has a high likelihood of being restored.

If anyone knows a slight thing about the crypto market, it is obvious that when Bitcoin, or ETH rises so does almost everything else in the crypto market. Recently the market has been very bullish, and Nubits has been slowly loosing points, the market cap has increased so much in a short amount of time that I suspect Nubits will recover soon because Nubits is simply overdue in reflecting market appreciation.

And trust me, only a small percentage of Nubits buyers actually know what it is, it is usually just bots trading bollinger bands or some other combination of algorithms.
So I can understand you guys saying “Well confidence has been completely lost”, but really, bots do not have feelings, they just buy into the highs making impatient human traders impulse buy and thus allowing the coin to appreciate inorganically. As a disclaimer: Anything can happen so take advice with risk management.

Everytime… Can you imagine how sad when NBT holders find its peg broken? So we are giving a impression to the public that NBT is less stable than USDT.

I am sure it must have been a really disappointing feeling, but most people simply don’t use USNBT to hedge volatility, it’s the sad reality. You rarely ever hear anyone seriously using Nubits the way it should be used, it’s really just bots trading their designated currency pairs, you see millions of dollars in daily volume, where are all of those users? There should be at least a couple thousand active members in this forum if they all knew what Nubits was, the reality is that the volume comes from people using bots to trade for them. When the peg broke, 7 million dollars were lost quickly. Where are all of the sad devastated people that lost millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars? Sure there are some and I feel sorry for their losses. However apart from some, there mostly isn’t any, surely not 7 million dollars worth of complaints, why? Because bots don’t complain, the owners of the bots were inherently taking a risk and when they saw their investment went south, they understood the risks associated, as with any investment. As to you including USDT, USDT is the joke of the century, do you really think Tether.to has $2.287 Billion dollars in a vault somewhere? I highly doubt it, it will collapse soon once people realize Tethers are backed by air.

What is more important?
I see a lot of post about issuing or not new coins, but would not be more important to be listed in more exchanges and give Nubits more uses? And wait for the demand for the coin raise naturally.


You definitely right.
I’ve been told that the Nu Staff is growing in order to compensate the marketing weakness. They are preparing new plans

For sure, they will go throught the regulation steps since the exchanges are picky on these details.

We just need to wait and cross the fingers

here is the official channel

unofficial one

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