It’s Not Too Late To Save Ethereum

BTC’s value comes also from its blockchain as well (as technology).
So many start ups are build on top of BTC’s blockchain and that gives BTC its “high” value.
Ethereum is totally indepent from BTC’s blockchain. If this will be good or bad, it’s a mystery, who knows.
When and if start ups are going to use ethereum, then its value will be high as well.
The same goes also for peercoin :wink:

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I saw some effects:
speculators betting on rising prices and creating a price surge in anticipation of LTC’s coinbase reward halving end of August:

But there was no lasting and visible drop of hash rate after the reward halving:

Only for a short time in late August the hash rate dropped by approximately 20%:

You might ask why. Here’s my explanation:
until early June this year the price per LTC was (far) below $2 - even at $1.35:

Now the price per LTC is $3:

The increased LTC price compensated the reduced reward (price roughly doubled).
Mining LTC is as profitable as it was before the halving.

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In today’s world, the top 500 super computer altogether cannot 51% bitcoin network, But I doubt XPM hashrate will get as high as bitcoin or even 1/10 of it after releasing 5 years, ie 2018.

The key is how much hashrate OUTOF XPM network to 51% attack you. Moore Law also applies on the attackers hashrate. Without high hashrate, PoW is rubbish.

With regard to PoS, is the community a scarce resource? In a large cryptocommunity, I guess 20% people are hardcore cryptofans, and 80% are just fortune hunters, speculators, and the majority can easily shift to another community if they have not already joined multiple communities.


Since PPC is cheap as water, why not buy some PPC and PoS mint? Stupid to mint PoW part of PPC.

If the bitcoin buy side(FIAT) is constant, the halving reward may double the bitcoin price.
So Hashrate maintained. Most miners only care about FIAT income, that’s why satoshi is smarter than sunny king.

Economically, from a production cost perspective, bitcoin works well, peercoin does not not.
Technologically, from a decentralization perspective, it is the opposite.
Nu combines the best of both worlds: you hold nushares, which decentralizes the network because you expect it would bring you dividends.


For me, a PoS share system with scarce resource(BTC,FIAT) in it is the perfect model.
The PoS mecahnism resolves decentralization issue and scarcity maintained by scarce resource.

Nubit and B&C are good.


It doesn’t need to compare with other coin. You were talking about scarcity. XPM only needs to see its own diff following Moores Law to keep its eventual scarcity.

It’s a different matter entirely. Why no one 51% XMP now?

Are you suggesting that all a country needed to have the strongest currency is to make the most expensive money?

1)not worthy to do that
2)protected by SK checkpoint, a centralized XPM.

“Scarcity”, a low hashrate XPM can easily be copied, if it is worthy of being copied at all.

Gold/silver/crude oil can also be used to support NBT in future, at least theoretically. Anything scarce is OK, except those easily manufactured.

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You already forgot Rieman(sp?) coin. Without a community the XPM copycat faded away.

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is there any XPM community in this world?

There may not be a large community behind it, (I don’t own any) but there is Sunny’s reputation backing it.

One person, centralized. Even SK’s week reports seldom mention XPM, leave along the dead sub forum.

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So the Ethereum foundation can now fund itself for 7 years vs 1 year or do 7 times more in 1 year. #JustSayin’ :wink:

We thought we had it good when Peercoin was $8.50 a coin, but we all know how that turned out. They better convert some of that to NuBits while they can.


That’s a substantial burn rate

I guess it’s a go big or go home mentality.

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