Introducing - Nubits/Bitcoin with 0% Trading Fee

Great news @bitcoincoid! Keep us updated with any comments or questions your customers might have about trading NBT. You should also consider eventually offering NuShares trading. NSR fluctuate in value frequently, meaning speculators will love trading them.

Yes NBT goes together with NSR.

Just starting reading this article. Looks like original post was on Jan 16, and it is only now that they have things up and running with the NuBot. Is it just me or did that take a really long time? Is it because there just isn’t very many people that can help out in the NuBit community yet?

There was a long lead in time for this custodianship. That was due to a range of factors, manpower being just one of them.
At the beginning of the year there were quite major changes in the logic of the NuBot code to allow for multiple custodians to opperate on a single pair. There were also question marks around the changes that would be needed to support the new tiered liquidity model. Throw into that mix the issues that our supporting exchanges experienced which took effort away from NuBot development and some hardware failures.
The wrapper to support the API has been ready a while but it’s taken till now for a stable enough NuBot and custodian to support it.
It shouldn’t take as long for future API wrappers to be implemented as we now have a new, very dedicated and talented developer working full time on NuBot (@benjyz). this means that the release cycle should speed up and new wrappers will be integrated much sooner.

Hi Guys

Even after custodian operating in our exchange, it seems our Nubits/Bitcoin higher than Poloniex. Anybody know what is the reason ? Is that normal? I dont want disappoint our member since we told them it always will be $1 per nubit. People already start use nubits in our exchange now

And our trading volume for nubits now higher than poloniex already

1 AllCoin NBT/BTC $ 964 $ 1.00 34.86 % Recently
2 Bitcoin Indonesia NBT/BTC $ 957 $ 1.02 34.62 % Recently
3 Poloniex NBT/BTC $ 645 $ 0.994329 23.32 % Recently

There are some very interesting projects for pooled liquidity, which can help to satisfy the high demands on your exchange.

The custodian on your exchange (@creon) seems to be aware of the high demand: needs a higher liquidity, like 50k NBT. @muchogusto ?

Demand vs supply. NBT is a scarce coin on the exchange. Hence the high price. NBT is scarce I guess is because not many people with NBT have registered. The reason for me not to have registered is that the registration asks for too much information.

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Hi @mhps ,

We would love to simplify the registration form but we cant due we are handling fiat (Rupiah). We just verifiy your email address and handphone only. You may put any information that you want to let us know in other registration field

any plan too add NSR/BTC on ?

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You are not the only one

@bitcoincoid I’ve added Bitcoin Indonesia to the bottom Exchanges menu on the front page of We’d love to see NuShares listed on Bitcoin Indonesia soon too.

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I would love to see NuShares on there as well! :sunglasses:

I know it would probably be quite some effort to do this, but I think the best solution would be if you internally separate the altcoin exchange from your fiat exchange and give all users with a fiat exchange login also access to the altcoin exchange but not vice versa. The registration for the altcoin exchange then wouldn’t need any sensitive information.

It would also be nice if customers could make multiple accounts with the same phone number.

The other alternative would be to use verified Levels for trading like Vault of Satoshi used to. It worked very well for allowing a balance of user anonymity and KYC/AML compliance.

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ar Everyone,

Thank you for your suggestion and idea related with verification level especially for trading altcoin.

Actually you can put any junk information in that registration field, we will only verify it if you contact us because you lost your handphone number and you want to change it otherwise we will not check into it

We only need to verify your handphone for your account security ( if you do not set Google Auth, we will enable SMS auth by default)

We will add NuShare but we have some other coin need to be integrated first. We will keep you update.


Hi Guys

I would like to let you know that now we remove all KYC for altcoin trading as @tomjoad @creon @desrever suggestion.

We only do KYC if you deposit Rupiah to our system.

Base on coinmarketcap now our market are handling the biggest nubits volume. I believe if you guys come to our market , we can make trading volume even higher. Thank you

Please try to register


I’ve notice, congratulation!

Really nice, but can you also allow to register with the same mobile number twice? Or even remove this info and force google auth afterwards.

Looking forward to finally debugging the pool software for your exchange.

By the way, good job!

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