Improve Nu Exchange Integration guide for exchanges to provide liquidity


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Almost ready with the new site – most of the content has been ported (though updates are needed for certain areas). Styles and content links still need to be verified for all cases, but it’s getting much closer.

You can view the in-progress work here:

I’ll put a couple more hours in tomorrow and hopefully get us to a place where we’re ready to launch with the new site (pointing to and fold in the changes that @mhps needs for PEG.


PEG changes are included on the document:

Baring any unexpected technical challenges the final link is expected to be



All of the content has been ported over from to . If I could please ask for the Community’s assistance to each take a few minutes to review the new site for anything that isn’t working or obviously broken/wrong documentation, I’d appreciate it.

Each page has a “Suggest Update” link at the top so if you find something, you can use that to pre-populate a Github issue on the documentation repository. If you don’t have a Github account, please feel free to submit a comment here.

Once this has been looked at by a few sets of eyes I’ll update the DNS servers to point at the new content.

Thank you!


every link on the ‘getting started’ page works. Bter, poloniex, shapeshift, and bittylicious all point to their respective home pages instead of nbt markets. Poloniex should be near the top, in my opinion, as it is one of the highest volume pairs we have.


The git page looks fine. The second link causes https secrity warning and after I add an exception to the site, I get page not found 408.


The second page doesn’t exist yet. I haven’t updated the CNAME.