Implementing a URI schema to trigger actions in the client (nu:)

Think about how useful would be to be able to vote for a motion simply by clicking a link on reddit, or vote for a specific park rate interest directly from our website where the yield curves are showed. Or vote for a custodial grant clicking a link from this forum.

Clicking on a link it is much easier that entering data manually. It will save a lot of mistakes made with “amounts” . It also comes at a price for security, but that can be mitigated with confirmation dialogs.

We should implement an URI schema similar to the bitcoin URI schema (BIP21) :

Beside the classical entry points for making payments ( bitcoin:<address>[?amount=<amount>][?label=<label>][?message=<message>] ) , it would be very beneficial for ShareHolders to submit votes through a link :

  1. Park rate votes
  2. Custodial Grant votes
  3. Motion votes .
  4. You name it

See also BIP72 - URI schema extension


Like the idea, but as useful as buying an engine without a car. So I suggest instead of making the URI the objective, I would say release e.g. a dashboard system for shareholders or webbased wallet based on an URI scheme. I think we need to define some concrete applications which have priority and would benefit from URI system.

Just my views.

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What’s up?? Upping this thread?

The Nu: uri is in the Android client, just need a plugin, I guess.

Edit: would be great if we would have something like NXT built: They even built a browser plug-in

Edit2: isn’t the first step registering the URI we want to use?

Yes, I am upping this thread. Its very old and inactive, but now we have more resources and community that can start drafting a proposal for an URI scheme.

the first part of an URI is called URI Resource Identifier Scheme name and they are application specific. Its up to the application parsing them to decide what to do. There is an official RFC that instruct the official registry (IANA) on how to handle registrations.

Bitcoin is apparently IANA approved :

More schemes registered :

It would be actually interesting to get into that register


After some digging I have found the generic form to apply for the uri scheme name @

If bitcoin: scheme name is approved ( as provisional URI scheme) I think we might get a chance of registering nu:

Does anybody feels like this is worth pursuing?

To the best of my knowledge there are no Altcoins registered to date, which is a sign


If it’s free I guess it can’t hurt to try. I don’t see a processing fee or anything.

I’ll contribute funds to get the proposal submitted. What type of costs are expected?

Check the link @desrever posted above. It’s literally just an HTML form. I don’t see any fees mentioned on the page. Maybe that changes once they reply, but just to contact them with a request is free apparently.

Agree, worth a try. I can vaguely recall that NXT tried to register theirs, don’t know if they succeeded. Let me know if you need some help with registration.

Ok, do we have a volunteer? I think before submitting a proposal we should develop a draft of our scheme anyway.

In the form they ask for the specs

Do we have access to what Bitcoin provided? From what I’ve read they value compatibility across URIs and how they work. Building on the Bitcoin protocol would be a good starting point I suppose. Maybe we can even have the same protocol but just a different alias? Technically this is a bit over my head at protocol level, but once we have a draft of the scheme I’m ok to help with some paperwork. I suppose they also need an entity submitting the proposal, any thoughts?

I think they simply provided the BIP21 specs. Not sure

This is clever, but we need to extend it and come up with our own specs for voting.

Yep, I also think so… Lets see if we can do it pseudonymously

Could this also be used to provide aliases for NBT addresses? Like Bitshares does with Titan ( If so that would further add to the value of doing this.

That is a different thing. I believe that aliases are obtained using a DNS system for addresses.

I did posted a proposal some time ago:

(Paying for registering a name can also be an additional source of revenue btw)


xpost for reference :
add entry point for subscribing to datafeeds
[Discontinued] Cybnate's Nu datafeed - BETA

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So I submitted an inquiry into securing standardized nu URI scheme some time ago, and finally received a reply.


Before I send this to the IESG-designated expert for review, we need you to send us the template described in Section 5 of RFC 4395. Would you be able to send that to us within 30 days? If not, I’ll go ahead and close this ticket, and you can re-submit whenever you’re ready.


name redacted
IANA Request Specialist

I believe this is the relevant section she’s referring to. Is anyone familiar with this process, or have any suggestions?

I don’t have any experience with this. They are referring to the template described in Section 5.4 of the document you posted.

As a reference, here is the corresponding Bitcoin IANA template:

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nice find!