Ideas to improve NSR market velocity - discuss

NuShares markets are characterised by low volumes and wide spreads. It has more or less being this way for a long time now, and I am honestly not surprised : this token is first of its kind, non-transactional, representing equity and useful to vote via stake.

Shareholders are long and holding most of the times, and somehow we are not advertising NuShares outside this community much, so the buy pressure is scarce.
Long term, an illiquid market is perceived as weak from the outside. With the B&C exchange things are going to change for the better hopefully with a NSR/NBT pair. Also auctions will create a parallel market.

In the meantime, in this thread I would like to collect and discuss ideas that can help improving market velocity :

  • Create organic demand of NuShares : yes, because demand and buy pressure is what makes a stock active in a first place. People start to notice, they see the advantage, they understand the product and the rest follows. We can write a book on how to create demand, but let’s try to find a simple strategy to start with.
  • Create an OTC market for NuShares : this idea have been around for a while : i believe we need a place where prospect shareholders can buy bulks of shares without influencing market price. And we also need a place for Shareholders that wishes to exit their position without hurting the market by dumping on a low-liquid pair. Similarly to Kraken dark pool, but decentralised. I proposed open bazar some time ago, did anybody looked at it? Still too beta but getting there
  • Create a community driven market-makers bot that helps tighten spreads : We could have some trivial market-making bots on open markets that are there to provide liquidity and tighten the bid/ask spread. This might also be profitable (or cost a little) and won’t take too much coding effort. Just funds and operators. This will make the market way more attractive.
  • Create a community driven bot that takes advantage of cross-market arbitrage opportunity : also here we can deploy some arbitrage bot to take advantage of (often large) price difference across the markets.
  • Get NSR added to more exchanges : finally we should promote NuShares to other exchanges while releasing some tutorial for NSR newbies and informing them .

Thoughts?I believe that if we are able to orchestrate a holistic strategy here, the network as a whole will benefit .


More bots is hard because we have to pay for them. More nsr markets woukd be nice, but that’s something of a self-fulfilling prophecy because exchanges like volume. What’s an OTC?
Consistent ppc distributions are one of my personal favorites. Something small, like 10,000 NBT/year distributed once a month.

Over the counter meaning outside “classic” exchanges.

I’ve read that they thought about integrating the Shifty button, but the last beta I saw still uses BTC as standard currency.

Considering this, one could create an BTC/NSR market on OpenBazaar quite easy, when it’s fully functional.

The most foundamental way to create attraction is distributing dividends and buy-and-burn’ing NSR when Nubits demand increases.


you can read more on this specifically @ Idea discussion : Selling NSR and NBT on openbazaar

Well, only if you spend enough time telling people what NuShares are, what burning means, how they will benefit from dividends etc. If we don’t market it and we discuss NSR burning only at message #34 of pages-long internal discussion forum, no one will come and buy… Do you agree?

Marketing is nice. I personally think our big moonshot to $0.008 was because we were distributing ppc dividends. If we can just get some distributions going and market it just to the ppc community, whose ready ear we already have, i think we’ll see a lot more volume.


Nu is perceived not only as a means of speculation, but a business as well.
It might not be my preference, but for sure the preference of many others to receive (regular) income (by dividends) if they evaluate whether to invest or not into something like Nu.

(I think we went to $0.012 at some point)


Right, I was thinking 8 micro btc or whatever.

@masterOfDisaster yah! I remember buying NSR for my first time being like “I’ll just buy nsr instead of ppc and get ppc over time”, though that was short lived when the price hit the sky and it was by far more profitable just to sell. Let’s do that again :wink:

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This is an excellent list of ideas.

To date we have approached all major exchanges in the top 20 by transaction volume that offer pairs other than BTC or LTC, and some exchanges that only offer BTC or LTC trading. In some cases - such as with the major Chinese exchanges like Jubi or BTC38 - we have explored the potential of offering a payment to be listed. All those exchanges have declined. So in that sense we’re at a bit of a stalemate; I suspect many of them would consider listing NSR if our share price rises, but we need more exchanges to improve the likelihood of that outcome.

One way shareholders can help their cause is to advertise what is already known within our community: we have had remarkable success in terms of ROI on shareholder investment, with an almost 30% annual dividend yield so far. It’s possible that our smaller community might already be tapped out from B&C fundraising, but any newcomer who is aware of traditional financial evaluation metrics would find Nu interesting on that annual dividend yield number alone.

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One major thing we need is more exposure on Bitcointalk. The main B&C thread has helped somewhat, but it’s not dedicated to NuBits/NuShares and only mentions them because of the liquidity Nu can bring to the exchange.

A couple months ago Jordan asked me to create an official thread for NuBits/NuShares on Bitcointalk similar to the one I did for Peercoin. I got it about halfway done, but then Summer hit. I’ve been really busy at work, plus doing things on the weekend, so I’ve gotten behind on things once again.

I know this is important though, so I’ve been attempting to catch up again. Once I do then I’ll finish the main thread and post it here on the forum for review. With this thread we’ll have a compendium of information about how Nu works, NuBits, NuShares, NuBot, liquidity pools and lots of links to important resources.

Currently our community is too closed off. This thread can be used as a gateway to help bring new potential shareholders here. All we’ll need to do is continuously use the thread to help keep it bumped and visible. This includes posting news updates, discussing ideas or linking to important discussions from this forum, responding to questions, etc… We’ll need to do a lot better job of keeping it bumped than the Peercoin thread, which receives almost no attention because Peercoiners would rather post on Peercointalk. I don’t think they realize the advertising benefits they’re missing out on.

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I agree Bitcointalk would be very valuable to have an official Nu thread. Let us know how we can help make that happen. I think a day’s worth of work should be able to get it in presentable form.

Not quite. Appreciating prices speak for themselves. If we distribute dividends and/or buy-and-burn, NSR prices will go up (from investors buying and buy-and-burn buying) and the speculators and bots will pick up the signal and participate in trading like sharks smelling blood. If dividends and buy-and-burn happens often in small increments it will keep the wheel turning.

We discussed dividends and buy-and-burn but it didn’t happen.


What is missing to make it happen?

Are you willing to do the distributions @desrever? Propose a motion, I’ll most likely vote for it.

I would distribute 250 nbt of ppc from my reserves if I was confident about a reasonable market rate and I had a motion promising me the nbt after I distribute.

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I am not sure I understand which “distribution” are we talking about.

Looks like @Nagalim is talking about a PPC dividend distribution to NSR holders:

And this is related to:

And all of that has to do with:

While Nu is not in the position to distribute dividends from revenue, Nu should think about distributing dividends to create awareness for Nu - as a kind of marketing.

I think @Nagalim would like to have someone from the development team assist the distribution - either by doing it or by a motion.

I’d like to add another 250 PPC from my rarely touched PPC reserves if I had a motion promising me NBT or NSR (at a reasonable rate) after I distribute :smile:

Ok, the personal involvement might make things overly complicated.

I think a grant for distributing monthly a 1,000 NBT equivalent (approx. 2,000 PPC at the moment) to NSR holders (for advertising Nu) is what this is heading for.
I’d prefer to wait until the protocol switch to 2.0 is complete, because an NSR grant can then be made to pay for the dividends.

I think that dividends for marketing purposes could make sense at the current situation of Nu.

What good is the design and the implementation for, if Nu doesn’t achieve adoption, because people simply don’t find Nu, NuBits and NuShares in the thicket of crypto crap?
Advertising oneself is required.
This could help organic growth of Nu to finally achieve a state in which regular dividends can be paid from revenue :smile:


bump :wink: I think this deserve some more attention

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Jordan’s NSR buy back proposal will shake the market a bit.