[idea]new cny price feed


Ok, I have it reading 6.59 CNY/NBT from the OKCoin and BTCChina tickers. I’m looking for advice on the best way to go about this. Do I need to submit a motion? I need to switch the server over, so I’m unsure whether it breaks contract or not. Also, all participants will go down until they update their clients.


I say do a fully dressed experimental run first. What if the okcoin price feed doesn’t work out?

current peg is broken anyway.


What do you mean by ‘doesn’t work out’? What’s a ‘fully dressed run’? The feed gives the correct price. It’s just reading it off the alp website. Did we do a ‘fully dressed run’ for any of the other feeds? The current peg is broken because of this, this would fix the peg.

I could run a dummy server, but the two prices are so wildly different that custodians on the dummy server would buy from the real server and people could easily lose a bunch of funds. If we do this properly and apply to the true server directly, no bot will place orders far from the server feed.


e.g. behaves irratically, is unreliable …

run the real server with the new feed and pay the participants to observe if the exchange and all participants work as intended with the new feed.


Isn’t running the real server with the price feed the same as implementation?

I watched the price feed for an hour or so yesterday. It read between 6.5 and 6.7. I’ll post a github fork later and you can check it out yourself, when you run the not it tells you what the price feed is because it’s out of compliance.


I gotta be honest, the price really starts deviating when the BTC price gets going. I dunno, give it a shot. There’s a live server at nupond.net port 3336.

This is a fully operational server.py script. It will put up your funds at the new price and it will credit it you, but I will not be processing payouts, so you will be doing this for free.

[Passed] New CNY Feed for NuPond

^now has a new update for plug and play on port 3336 (as well as several bug fixes). The pool is still not paying out, and you still shouldn’t run on both ports at once, but you should be able to just drop your info into the pool config file and it’ll run just fine.

P.S. when the grant passes all I have to do is change the port numbers, merge the branches, and restart the server script.