How is Nu prepping for Bitcoin halving?

That’d be possible - supposing there’s sufficient BTC/USD liquidity.

That’s one of the reasons why it’s hard to attract liquidity to those pools.

If it’s ever necessary for Nu to support NBT/USD pairs by funding operations (obviously directly only possible with NBT; USD had to be deposited as BTC and converted) and Nu can live with USD sitting on the account for some time, count me in (as long as AML/KYC doesn’t apply to trading USD pairs)!

I have asked HitBTC…4 times to create a USD/NBT pair. And I even said I would guarantee 2K on each side for liquidity. But they either did not get back to me. Or said there wasn’t enough volume on the BTC pair.

With only 500 on sell side that exchange is starved off. And that is where they earn the money. The fiat pairs are not the big money makers. I would support a dual-side bot on HitBTC to start with.

and for now, what can NUBIT do ? what can Nubit use for?

Please check out the NuDroid App:

I can propose a dual side operation that replaces the current sell side only operation, if that’s what Nu wants to have there.

Maybe propose when the current sell-side only operation expires? It is just my opinion.

Thanks for the info. It’s indeed difficult to attract exchanges to do fiat/nbt. Maybe I should dust off

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I think I will create a motion that replaces the sell side only operation when it passes.

I’d love to see you start an ALPv2 there.

I have zero experience running a pool with clients and as much experience with ALPv2 server or client, so I won’t be a good operator if questions arise or things need to get fixed.
This is nothing I can jumpstart, but I might look into it.

Some are we going to see a bitcoin pricr decrease because miners quit mining?

Some links:


back to 1000$ or more centralisation and 0$?

0$ is impossible unless a better version is made (as a deflationary or very low inflationary currency) that gets the same limelight of branding that btc has had. I say choppy rise to 1000-1200, sideways, up to 2300-3000+, a bit down and sideways, up to 10,000, long price crash to 1500, with a average of 3000. (Thats my conservative-grandiose outlook.)
Hyper grandiose model says, 3000 then pause, then 10,000, then 100,000, then huge crash. This model is from looking at how each bull run breaks through 1 logarithmic scale, hits the next one, bounces off downwards, then creeps back up. Take this for example= 0.10, 1, 10 (july/august 2010), then down to 2-3$, then several bumps up to 10, then a bump past 100$, down to 100$ as support, then up to $1000~, down to 100$, up some to (we shall see)?..
Conservative model would say 1000$ will be a bull trap, but I find that hard to believe.