History of the Nu Network (Feedback Please)

I already have one, but I have to admit I don’t know how to use it. I only use the account to post issues sometimes and comment. Here is my profile…

Just like to say that I really value this piece of work. I hope that it gets picked up as it deserves a nice place or at least a link on our website.
I like the proposal with the timeline as that mitigates the text wall effect somewhat as this puts off many people used to digest many small pieces of information in an ocean of data. Curious about what Ben is after.

@assistant tip 5 @Sentinelrv

Thanks for the tips guys. I personally would rather read it in a format similar to what has been proposed for our newsletter…

Maybe without it being so scrunched in width. As Cybnate pointed out though, not everybody would like this format. The average newsletter would be much shorter than the length of this history, especially since it will keep growing as time goes on. Therefore if you put it into the newsletter format, it might start to look like a book (extremely long page) at some point. Splitting it into bite sized chunks or chapters that are only viewable one at a time like proposed may be less off-putting to many. However, to others like me, I feel like it would be a hassle clicking on every single chapter and would prefer getting it all at once and reading it top to bottom, only needing to scroll without clicking anything. What approach would be more successful though, thoughts?

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Tks for your hard work.

Impressive - txs @Sentinelrv

My quick remarks, on the fly:

  • Talking about customer acq. : as a former peercoiner, I was dissapointed that Nu purported promise or commitment to distribute dividend in PPC was not kept.
    Needless to say, peercoiners must be even more dissapointed to see peershares based B&Cex plan to distribute div in btc.
  • I d love to see a TLLP section that mentions the risks and the profitability odds for the custodian - This could then also justify in economic terms B&C with its purported lowered cost of liquidity custodianship.

I believe the changing of the design here was necessary. Nu will be a lot more sustainable because of it. This doesn’t mean though that we can’t still distribute Peercoin dividends when shareholders find ways of making consistent profit for the network.

This was disappointing, but I at least understand the reasoning why it was done. I will personally sell these dividends immediately and buy Peercoin or NuShares. The dividend coin can always be switched back after Bitcoin dies out.

This is more of a history of events that have happened. I don’t know if something like that would fit or if it would be better placed somewhere else.

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Bump. I haven’t heard about this excellent material being ported to PDF/HTML/EBOOK and communicated/promoted outside this community. Any updates?

PS: @Ben, can we edit the template of the “welcome message” on this forum to include this thread? Will be useful for newcomers

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This is something that I’ve been wanting to get back to, but I keep having distractions. I need to make sure I keep promoting B&C until it’s fully funded and I was making an official thread for NuBits on Bitcointalk that was based on my previous Peercoin thread. Before the thread is posted though, I want to include a completed version of this history, so I’ll have to get back to it at some point.

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@desrever - I had created a repo to use as a wiki and populated the top-level (and a few sub-levels) with content. If anyone would like to contribute to it I can open up the permissions or add you to the approved list of content providers.

I don’t have time to work on it, but supporting and facilitating other people’s involvement is something I can do.



NuBits history is now live!!!

@Ben has extended our docs site to now include the “History of Nu Network” which was written by @Sentinelrv. The history can be accessed from either the “history” link a the top of https://docs.nubits.com or by using its own direct url of https://history.nubits.com. Its hosted on github along with the rest of our docs site, which means anyone can submit pull requests to update or contribute to the history.

Hopefully this will make it easier to share the unique history of our network for newcomers. Would be nice to hear some feedback.


Cool, thanks for getting this added. It seems we’re going to have to add on to it, as the last section talks about the start of the NuShares auction for B&C. Quite a bit has happened since then.

Did you guys thought about having it also accessible from a link on nubits.com, maybe under “About” ?

I think it is very important for newcomers.

Also, @Ben, could you edit the discourse auto-message to include a link to the history?

I’ve added it to the new user sign up message.

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@Sentinelrv Do you plan to write the remaining? The first part was great!

Yes I do, but as mentioned here I am currently in training for a promotion at my current job and have been working long hours every day. So that, coupled with the fact that I’m a couple months behind on the forum means I just can’t update it right now. There are several things that I’m working on. I want to finish the NuBits thread I was making on Bitcointalk. I want to update this history and keep it updated. I would also like to start writing the community newsletter, since it’s apparent that shareholders are having a hard time keeping up with everything, which might be slowing down voting. Before I can do any of that though, I need to be current and up to date, which requires me to finish reading what I’ve fallen behind on. I’ve been working every weekend to accomplish this.