FLOT BTC Operations (buy side)

If you adjust the spread I would be willing to send 10 BTC to the Tube I feel the rest should go to a gateway so funds are visible on Poloniex.

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We just set Tube to 5% offset. We suggest put all the fund at the same spread and the same place to let people see them.

The most important is begin NSR selling asap! Buy side won’t stay long at any large spread if there is no other NBT exit provided. Urgent!

Thank you henry! I’m confused do funds in Nulagoon also appear on Poloniex?

NLG Tube’s fund wont appear on Polo. NLG Pool have 10k fund on Polo, they all in NBT now

Can you put part of the funds we send you on Polo? I feel it’s very important we have visible funds at both places.


my nubot is at 5% offset

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Great thank you! I suggest sending 13 BTC to Nulagoon Tube and the remainder of funds to your Nubot (roughly 12.73 BTC). Lets see how long those funds last when all are put at a 5% offset (aka 0.95 cents)!

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So this would be T4 buying nbt at $1.05? NLG pockets the 10%?

Oh darn you’re right, @henry can you make the offset 1 sided so the seling price remains the same?

We still think a large size of buy order looks more confident.
We can refund the spread of selling NBT to FLOT

Larger would be better of course but this is all the funds we have and I feel it’s important to put them up on both Polo and the Tube. We need to make sure that we don’t increase the price of buying Nubits so if the tube can’t be set to buy Nubits at 0.95 and sell at 1.00 then I’m in favor of sending all the Poloniex on @Zoro’s bot.

We are OK to these options. Just want to say again:
The most important is begin NSR selling asap! Buy side won’t stay long at any large spread if there is no other NBT exit provided.

We need to stop this…it is madness. There is no confidence in NBT right now. Everyone wants out and they will pay the 5% - easy.

We need to spend the BTC left on implementing Creon’s hardfork. This will reduce NBTs outlying liabilities.

Very true!

We need a passing motion for that!

We should stick to the process which is already established. I believe the whole NSR and project worth more than the size of NBT circulation.

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I believe very strongly in this:

Send all btc to polo, buy the stuff at $0.6 at least.

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If we can cross the chasm, i think you’re right.

Protocol Level Burning of NBT in Exchange for NSR at Dynamic Rate Similar to Park Rates / Voting will help.

This is anarchy.

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FLOT is still elected. You all have to decide. You still hold the BTC. I just offered my 2 NBT that we’d be throwing it away now. Pearls after…