[Feature Request] Improved Parking Dialog

I’d like to suggest two changes in the parking dialog. I would also be willing to implement this into the client, so there would be no additional effort by the Nu devs, but I want to ask for consensus first before making a pull request that gets rejected:

  1. A double click on a field in the Duration column sets now + duration as “Approximate end” date
  2. An additional column to the annual interest rate that either displays the breakdown interest rates for that duration or a block wise interest rate (i.e. interest per minute)

Let me know what you think.


I would welcome such an improvement!

I like the second suggestion. We are short on header (label) space, so perhaps “Annual interest rate” could be changed to “Annual %” and the new column could be labeled “Absolute %”.

Regarding the first suggestion, it would never occur to me to double click the Duration column to change the info it displays, although I don’t know about others. Would a tool tip on the Duration column work better? It is also possible we are trying to put too much info in too small of a space.

This is how it would look like:

Its quite some numbers I have to admit. Another idea would be a tool tip on mouse over of a cell in the annual rate column, which then additionally shows the the corresponding absolute rate.

I don’t want to change the content in the duration column but basically “apply” it as end date and maybe to adapt from that point using the calendar tool. I can imagine that people open this dialog, see that they can get 0.165% on their NBT if they park them for the next 11.4 days and decide to take this offer. Then it would be very nice to be able to take this offer with few clicks, and I thought a double click on a row in the “Current rates” box would be convenient.

By the way, I think it is quite confusing that the user is able to change the values in all the tables. Is this on purpose? There is surely some parameter which can be provided in the QT resource file to make them read only.


I am glad to see discussion around client improvement. There are several old proposals lying around this very same forum, for instance : Ways to improve the "Vote" section of the application