Easy way to see current motions

is there an easy way to see the current active motions, and maybe the accepted motions until now? maybe on an easy webpage, if it already exists please let me know, i must have missed it, thanks

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Is there no way to list them within the client or at least link to the motions sub-forum?

i guess there is http://blockexplorer.nu/votes now, but i have to search for the addresses to see if they are posted on the forum, if i want to learn about the proposal? I could find the one from BhCnQrYrA5LZm871dtMQEXeU93gmqbhdrC but not for BHsBRkFZStsgwgxvcU25kQNgWYRq9H8kxW , maybe the proposal is still being written?

dont know if it is possible, but it would make things easier, maybe with a info-box when you hoover your mouse above the address (motion), depends how much text it needs, link to the proposal on the forum is nice also if there is, i guess there might be some without proposals? (im still still learning here)

if some things have to be changed, maybe some nice way to see the current pol, how many have voted for with some pie chart or status bar :smile: (and :balloon:s)

@desrever is doing some great work behind the scenes right now on the next phase of our website. It will have a lot more options for viewing useful charts and real-time information. The goal is to create the tools necessary to better inform shareholders of activity within the network.

maybe if there is a list for proposals with a switch in the gui, next to the voting addresses, to make voting easy?

(and to identify the different kinds of votes, in the Elected custodians list maybe the different kinds could be marked by colors, make the buttons for casting votes the same color to show which color is which?)

sorry for the noob question, but are there any active proposals right now? i could only find proposals that were passed. I want to configure my votes correctly because JL mentioned it is very important Nu's voting mechanisms are wonderful

right now im running/minting unconfigured and as i read it, that is not supposed to be the way of doing this, want to do it right, maybe i just have to wait for the next proposal that i can vote for? thanks

i need to configure the park rates too right, but there doesn’t seem to be a consensus about it, when im reading Desrever Park Rates proposal : 5 APR for all periods or Chronos Park Rates Feed

Not right now, but we are anticipating a NBT-burn proposal from Jordan shortly.

That’s the beauty of a distributed network. Vote whatever makes the most sense to you! You can use the liquidity info panel in the client, especially the “buy” support, to help inform your decision.

FYI we are building a webservice to let third parties access data about the Nu Network (including motions) . We are also working on the next version of the website which will display all information shareholders need (including motions), in real time and historically.

stay tuned