Dynamic data feeds

Has anyone set up an automated feed where values would automatically be updated based on data from places like ALIX? Sorry if this is tangential to the topic but I’m catching up with all of these posts about doing A when B happens. Rather than hashing these values for shareholders to abide by couldn’t we have feeds that reflect these implementations? Anyone signed up to that feed would effectively be in agreement. For things like grants there surely would be some difficulty but with transaction fees and park rates we should have some greater sense of how to respond via API at this point I think?


I can propose some hard numbers:

Report the standard to something like ALix where it can be read from. (Of course, we need to wait for that motion to pass first). Then, for park rates near 1 month vote:
0% above 2500
1% above 2000
2% above 1500
3% above 1000
4% above 500
5% above 0
Same on negative side down to 10% when dilutions start
15% above -3500
20% above -5000
30% below -5000

Something like that. Cool idea to automate it.

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It wouldn’t be hard to put together a python script sitting somewhere polling an API, or parsing the data from the client. In fact I could throw one onto my supernode that pushes the data to a github datafeed or something. It’s much easier to make these modifications and pivots because someones datafeed doesn’t need a motion to change. People can just choose which automated datafeed they prefer to use and it would influence how the network responds to changing conditions. Obviously it works best if everyone agrees on the same implementation but that’s not how democracies work.

edit: once again sorry for side tracking this. I can move it to a new topic.

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So we would need to link ALix, or some other API, to this operation:

Currently if Alix can provide current NBT money supply (or just the ourput of getinfo ) from an API, the calculator won’t need a nud to run. @willy

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