[Draft] Proposal for liquidity provision on fiat pairs (LiquidBits.net)

  • upgraded to the latest version of the code.
  • currently i am not getting [“DEBUG: exception caught in trading bot: ‘usd’ on ccedk’s nbt/usd” once again.]
  • however the bot does not put my 1NBT or so into sales.

Open trading.py, go to line 313 (for side in [ 'bid', 'ask ]:) and write this in before this line:

if not self.unit in response['units']:
    response['units'][self.unit] = { 'bid': [], 'ask': [] }

See: https://github.com/creon-nu/nu-pool/blob/master/python/trading.py#L313

You need 1 NBT * (1 + fee) minimal funds. It was 0.5 before, but that made problems on Bittrex. It should become a user variable at some point, but most exchanges require a minimum of around 0.5 NBT.

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Getting this at line 313…

‘server price %.8f for %s deviates too much from price %.8f received from ticker, will try to delete orders on %s’,

Alright. Have put 4nbt just to make sure.
Tks for your help!

Try around line 134.
I reformatted a few of the files to stop my ide complaining so much. No changes to the actual logic and nothing wrong with how the files were, just easier to read the code.

you mean at

self.limit[‘ask’] = max(self.total[‘ask’], 0.5)


Apologies, phone keyboard fail! (I’ve just made the change that creon suggested and pushed to github)

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I suppose @Cybnate would have to update his repository based on your update.

working here with no issue now.

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Updated my repo, will publish new release later as workaround is easy.
Thanks Creon and Woolly.


After a week of successful testing, I published a custodial grant to start operations with Liquidbits.net here: [Passed] Liquidbits.net trustless liquidity provision on USD, EUR and BTC pairs

I like to thank @cryptog, @masterOfDisaster , @woolly_sammoth, @Nagalim and @creon for their feedback and testing in last fortnight or so. This encouraged me to continue and start the operation when the custodial grant passes.



Oops. Sorry.

The bot does not put my nubits into sell order right now.

Does it say something about matching orders in the client? I have that issue on bitcoin.co.id even with ordermatch is true.

My fault. I did not properly stop the process previously.
I restarted.
It puts now the nbts into sales but not the usd.
I have only 0.15 usd though…

To the extent this proposal is controversial, it seems to be because of the use of CCEDK by the pool. Perhaps it would make sense to have two proposals, one for CCEDK and one for Bitcoin.co.id if it has trouble passing.

I think the minimum is 0.5 NBT / USD

It had a slow start, but it is now going strong.
BTW the proposal is being voted here: [Passed] Liquidbits.net trustless liquidity provision on USD, EUR and BTC pairs

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I’m having problems using the version of the pool you have in GitHub.
It keeps deleting and placing orders every 30s or so. It does this for CCEEDK ant bitcoin.co.id

Very strange as I haven’t seen that before.

I’ve just synchronised the repo yesterday with Nu-Pool to pull in a small change and updated the release to 1.4LB
You can download the whole set here: https://github.com/Cybnate/nu-pool/releases/tag/1.4LB.

Please let me know how you go and if the problem persists.

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Thanks. Everything seems ok now!

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