[Discuss] Motion of reputed signers take charge of B&C development fund management


Not a single response from @jooize or @Phoenix or @JordanLee within this thread that came up with a reasonable proposal. Anyone wondering?

Edit: Not even a like from @jooize


I am interested to hear if anyone has thought of a plan if the reputed signers are given full responsibilities of B&C.


I will support the motion for reputed signers to control the B&C fund(if any).


@Sabreiib there is no more B&C dev fund left. It was stolen. @Phoenix “lost control of it”. Current B&C dev funds are zero.


I work for Nu, not B&C Exchange. Yet there is definitely value for Nu in B&C Exchange, and it’s probably in Nu shareholders’ interests to grant the lost funds to B&C Exchange shareholders.


You work for yourself, not for Nu, you piece of shit.