Current Proof of Stake Difficulty


A cold NSR wallet feature could help?
edit: i have said that before, sorry :slight_smile:


Difficulty is dipping to a new all time low 0.0001672

Hope this is just about the NSR sales and that these NSR find eventually their way back to minting Shareholders.


Difficulty on a 6 month high. 0.00024326
Interesting times.


Does it mean there are more nodes minting or more shares minting?
How is difficulty defined?
I guess it means there are more shares minting but it does not mean that there are more voters.


More shares for sure, possibly more minters but that is guessing.


And after auction we see increased support for Phoenix grants, what a surprise.


Unless recently changed, NuShares need to reside on the same address for 7 days before they can mint.


minting addresses like

have very old shares and 3 - 9 millions shares each.


The original investors that invested 500k usd in jordan lee s peershares project are minting?


How do you know that original investors invested 500 k usd in Jordan Lee?


The original post about this is here…

Development of Peershares and Nu kicked off when a mystery investor/entrepreneur donated 200 BTC and 60,000 PPC to the project, which was around $500k at the time. At the time of this writing Nu was still a secret, and Jordan only referred to it as an extension of Peershares.


I appreciate your strong efforts, but maybe you joined the wrong project. I feel sorry for you.


“difficulty” : 0.00030325 @ block 947822

Highest since early September 2015 when the difficulty slump slowly set in…


I think Nu is an incredibly valuable project. While on paper it would cost a couple million dollars to bring back the peg, I feel the number would be higher if we continue an unsustainable and complicated model, but much lower if we took a step back and read the white paper, which made so much sense and convinced me to invest quite a bit in Nu.

I have bought back my stake in Nu since I left, but I fear we are too ‘dug in’ to get back to our roots in the minds of shareholders coupled with the fact that it is highly likely Jordan Lee can pass or deny any motion or grant he pleases and he has bad ideas. This is apparent by the popularity of his motion on the blockchain but not so much where shareholders communicate with each other.

If any shareholders want to collaborate on a motion to undo some of Nu’s drastic fundamental changes and get back more to the white paper, please invite me into your discussions. The only proposed plans to save Nu involve penalizing NBT holders when they simply hold our product in their wallet or to perpetually inflate NSR to provide an extremely liquid BTC hedging product.

Both propositions are destined to fail unless Nu was intentionally crashed, in order to bring it back to life like a Phoenix rising from the ashes and look like a hero. If the latter is the case, it could come back to life at any moment until the chickens come home to roost again.


Sorry for looking like a hero. I confess I do look like a hero. So this confirms your baseless conspiracy theory, right?


I agree it’s baseless, but 30 satoshis isn’t really a heroic amount either, I confess.


But just like to set this straight re the coinage proposal “Think, big, act small”. There is a liquidation which does punish NBT holders not paying attention or wanting to get out as quickly as possible in the short term.

However. going forward you should be able to receive and easily park NBT in a way that it offsets basically all coinage fees. So NBT holders in de blockchain are safe and their value is guaranteed. Those who want to trade will pay the higher fees as they will have to unpark their coins and bring them to the exchanges.

For simple day-to-day payments the fees would be very low when unparked and transferred, keeping large amounts of them for trading will cost you as Nu need to provide costly liquidity. User pays.

Going forward even smarter contracts can be made where you pay a fine in the form of not receiving any interest when unparking early. Age old cost-benefits models in use by the banks which still work.

[Withdrawn] Think big, act small and establish revenue stream

Which part?


Which proposition?


Here you go: