Current Liquidity

Very nice.
Can Alix easily include liquidity provided by gateways? @willy

Edit: raw gives 100k and 116k on buy and sell.
Does it include gateways?

If their price is < 1.5% away from the current ALix BTC/USD price, it will be included automatically.

see above :slight_smile:

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Oops - I hadn’t thought of that before.
That will mess with my idea to calculate the total liquidity situation by adding the gateway funds to what ALix reports.

…a good reason to keep the offset of Nu gateways high enough :wink:

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@willy i think the question is more about T2 and T3 liquidity reported via custodial address and displaying it on ALIX.

I’m not planning to include this into ALix Walls but I can track those liquidity numbers for sure in a separate product.

What information are you looking for? Total T2, T3? History? Charts?

I’d like to know total ALIX+reported(T2+T3). It doesn’t have to be a chart, but that is the number that I think we should be using when we activate FLOT for an emergency.

mmh. I’ll not show this on ALix walls to draw a clear line between reported liquidity and liquidity gathered from exchanges.

But I guess I can import the ALix walls data into the liquidity product.

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Something like this to get an overview would be nice:

Of course it’s important to distinguish between data from exchanges and data that is being broadcast - the latter one isn’t necessarily as reliable as the orders on the books.

I’ll hide in my chamber for a bit and see what I can come up with.

@masterOfDisaster @nagalim

I just realized that I’m gathering T2+T3 total already.

That data doesn’t go deep enough for you guys, right?

That’s excellent. Can that be all prettied up? I mean, more details would be nice to have, but just those numbers are pretty good. So If I add T2 and T3 to ALIX I get:
$97741 bid
$120675 ask
for 44.7% : 55.3%
Those are the numbers I want to see easily, without having to do a bunch of math in an excel sheet like I just did.

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Okay. Otherwise I would have to filter getliquiditydetails for known gateway addresses, which would require thorough maintenance work to keep the data precise.

yah, let’s avoid that. Just count reported T2 and T3.

Sounds great!
I wish I had known that before I cobbled that script together, lol.
At least my script is gateways + ALP only :wink:

März, huh? :slight_smile:

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Depending on the locale, yes. I have some (virtual) machines and some locales :wink:
Do you like this one better?

something like that?

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Looks good!

Including only ALix data and gateway broadcasts, the numbers are slightly different - I suppose the numbers in the picture is based on current data.

Okay, I’ll show both 15 minute and 4 hour side by side I think… I’ll have to tinker a bit with the reported liquidity averages, that’s all very new.

To be continued.

How are you getting 200k ask? You shouldnt double count T1, just alix plus t2 and t3.

It would be sweet to report T4 as well, but that may be more trouble than it’s worth.