Current Liquidity

Well, i don’t understand their business model at all!
Perhaps someone could use our nbt/btc and their tether/btc to profit right now?
@Nagalim ?
you have a good knowledge about arbitrage!

Btw. - where are the Poloniex (buy side) orders from NuPool?
I can’t find any on ALix whenever I look.
Isn’t even ALPv2 capable of providing sufficient incentives for providing liquidity in these times?
…well then…

whenever i put some btc in nupool they were gone in minutes!
That is why i am asking about some kind of arbitrage!

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Just making an observation.
We might need thise observations whem dealing with the aftermath and trying to learn from this situation.

0.005 offset at nupool buy side kill all BTC :grin:

0.014 also just did that at Bittrex :frowning: (MoD doesn’t need to reply)
BTC is again over 500. As long it makes those upward swings, there is not much we can do.
Get every BTC we can find to zoro at high spreads to at least have some kind of a peg…

BTW Have to grab some sleep, just hope BTC stays around 500 for a while, we can’t bear any more.

Buy side at 5.78%.
We need to increase even more the spread at the gateways, it seems. 1)
Or we need to sell nsr asap 2). Or both.
But 2) is more important now, i think.
Because the higher the spread the more panic it would spark among hedgers and that would eat up the buy side even faster, i feel.

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  1. I’m already caring about that. One gateway account NuBot is already running. I had to replace the broadcast addres. The old one timed out 14 days ago. Bad timing. I’m creating a deposit to the gateway account.
  2. This can be taken care of right after NuBot is running. I’ve already created an NSR deposit address at the Poloniex gateway account.
    Will report back soon.

Can be true, but isn’t necessarily. Traders will always gamble. The offset just needs to be big enough, I feel. Market awareness!

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My last 3.8 BTC at 0.05 offset!
and that’s all!

Dire situations but dire situations makes us stronger and validates the whitepaper. Let s get through it!

You need to survive to be able to get stronger :wink:

Once the tx, which already got 4 signatures in record speed is through, broadcast and credited at my Poloniex account, we will have bought some more time.

Here’s the current situation:

status of mOD dual side NuBot at Poloniex:
nud getliquidityinfo B | grep B9gXptkoqAApF3AFrQyhUbhSzvuEudxupt -A 2
        "B9gXptkoqAApF3AFrQyhUbhSzvuEudxupt" : {
            "buy" : 0.08,
            "sell" : 7.4037

I already made preparations to be in the position for selling NSR at Poloniex.
If I’m the one to sell NSR at Poloniex, the BTC proceeds will automatically be available for the NuBot gateway, because I’ll use the same account.
Accounting wise that’s not ideal, but it speeds up the process of getting the NSR sale proceeds on the order book by orders of magnitude.

If someone has a better idea, he/she might tell.

The NSR from FLOT reserve are at the moment not available for me to craft a tx, because failed and cointoolkit relies on it, wheras I rely on cointoolkit for creating a tx.
If somebody knows how to make a an NSR tx with FLOT funds and without cointoolkit, please do it!


Poloniex NBT/BTC orders are off (above) by 2 to 3 percent from the rest of the market:


No wonder that buy side orders get eaten if they are at a close spread.

Why is that? Isn’t the price feed from the heavy weights of the market? OK I see only Huobi has 536 and bitstamp 489, btc-e 484, bitfinex 498. So NBT/BTC on polp is now 510 (tether is 491). I think nbt price feed should follow the easiest inter-exchange arbitrage channel or we will be on the losing side of the arbitrage army.

this price maybe not the price of pricefeed

On Polo nbt/btc, the sell side is 510 at 1btc sum, and 530 on the buy side! Polo has no usd deposit, the btc price is through tether. I have no proof but I think it would be easier to arbitrage between polo and bitfinex than between polo and huobi.

Maybe all we should do is reconfiguring the feed for polo?

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How much do you want the NuShare transaction for to which address?

Following the meaning of “Core and Standard” we need to sell close to 5 million NSR, based on the current NSR rate of $0.002.
I realized that @backpacker not only kicked his blockexplorer, but provided us with a fork of cointoolkit.

I’m about to create a tx.
But you can beat me to it, if you like.
Do we have an alternative plan to using my Poloniex NuBot gateway account?


nevermind. Copied an “is” to the end of the NSR address. Stupid me.

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Where are you getting this from? It should be 2.4 million. 4700*.002=2.35 mil

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I should use a calculator more often. Or sleep. Or stay away from the computer. Or read all posts that I missed.
Thanks for bringing that up!


The 8 BTC FLOT deposit arrived at my Poloniex gateway.
I restarted NuBot to have the funds on oder immediately:

15:03:40.151 [Strategy Secondary Task] WARN  - **BUY** orders re-initialized on  **poloniex** :  3/3 placed successfully
total amount placed : 4000.0806199999997
Tier1 order size : 1000.0
Tier2 cumulative order size : 3000.0806199999997 (2 orders)

15:04:11.708 [checkOrders] WARN  - Liquidity info submitted:
        tier=1 buy=1000.0 sell=7.40374263 identifier=1:NBTBTC:poloniex:0.4.1_1464447807138_873d24 response=true
        tier=2 buy=3000.08 sell=0.0 identifier=2:NBTBTC:poloniex:0.4.1_1464447807138_873d24 response=true [c.n.n.t.CheckOrdersTask:142]

You can watch the liquidity at this NuBot via broadcast address B9gXptkoqAApF3AFrQyhUbhSzvuEudxupt:

status of mOD dual side NuBot at Poloniex:
nud getliquidityinfo B | grep B9gXptkoqAApF3AFrQyhUbhSzvuEudxupt -A 2
        "B9gXptkoqAApF3AFrQyhUbhSzvuEudxupt" : {
            "buy" : 4000.08,
            "sell" : 7.4037

I’ll take a break now, but will keep an eye on the FLOT NSR discussion in short intervals.
I’m ready to put NSR on order if they are sent to my Poloniex address and I get assistance to answer the question:
How to sell 2.4 mio NSR in the current market?
Where to start, how to proceed?

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