Crypto_Coiner's Nu data feeds

Added motions:
25d8226a7aeb47370e8db0c2035296fb7e2c4095 [nagalim bitcoin reserve]
a21a63a806cbd0d640f692911c503818c1579b94 [cybnate peercoin FLOT]

Added custodial grant:
BD8ork1pAt3vuVgGaX7j9Ei66xT3vvqrg2 , 1 NBT [zoro nubot sell side gateway southxchange/ 50NBT/month]


Removed motions:
a21a63a806cbd0d640f692911c503818c1579b94 [passed]
f27c979e0ba6f8dfc77a4305ccdc9ed9452230b2 [passed]

Added custodial grants:
BAs6fhm6bfJ1b6LGnDQwah1C8frfVjjWhm, 1360.00 [woolly_sammoth NuPool 8 ALPv2 with CRFR]
BEv74GNRYyAeRJbXxjQvbbS48E7YvDgfs6, 450.00 [nagalin Nupond Term 9 in bter]
BP7geZ2uhdeaqS5vX8Zx3abd43abs62aus, 1750.00 [willy Redesign & Rebrand of RAW.Coinerella for ALP v2]


Removed custodial grants:
BP7geZ2uhdeaqS5vX8Zx3abd43abs62aus, 1750.0 [passed]
BEv74GNRYyAeRJbXxjQvbbS48E7YvDgfs6, 450.0 [passed]
BRUuKfGur7CZSLy65gYUPJUQyQZeT1XQnD, 1.0 [passed]

Added custodial grants:
B6t3WuYQvqEW9SqjmpJDA1oy9cXbyFzgoq, 3000.00 [ rebuilding on jekyll]
BLYdibXLb7ixXgKW5bFVD4KiCRLkyk6Ks6, 4760.00 [Nu Lagoon custodian fee]

Removed motions:
ee20086eb56a8a7b0f722227086b05de9941a293 [passed]
25d8226a7aeb47370e8db0c2035296fb7e2c4095 [passed]

Added motion:
a951e9e8e72bcb313eb7fc6c65c797ccb53b9ef0 [nagalim T3 custodianship extension contract]


Removed custodial grants:
BD8ork1pAt3vuVgGaX7j9Ei66xT3vvqrg2, 1NBT [passed]
BAs6fhm6bfJ1b6LGnDQwah1C8frfVjjWhm, 1360.00 NBT [passed]
BLYdibXLb7ixXgKW5bFVD4KiCRLkyk6Ks6, 4760.00 NBT [passed]
B6t3WuYQvqEW9SqjmpJDA1oy9cXbyFzgoq, 3000.00 NBT [passed]

Removed motion:
a951e9e8e72bcb313eb7fc6c65c797ccb53b9ef0 [passed]

Added custodial grants:
BFRhngri9DLUnatcnhSJrZDk5J7u3Mhu5H , 440 NBT [Grant for NSR buyback and PPC reserve operation calculator by mhps]
BC84Af1QuytYF37yTd1hf34zRKnLWTJoTA , 750 NBT [ Coinerella’s compensation for the work on ALix Panel by alix]

Park rate change:
Nu DAC reserve depleting – let s slow nbt burning down and replenish the buy side by incentivizing holding nbt on the short temr
22.8 days 7.5% [annualized interest rate]
1.5 months 10% [annualized interest rate]
3.0 months 15% [annualized interest rate]

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Raised Parking Rate
Nu reserve for the Buy side is depleting.
Parking rates are not rising enough rapidly.
22.8d : 7.5% --> 10%
1.5m: 10% --> 15%
3m: 15% -->25%

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Increasing your vote will not make rates rise any faster. It’s a median not an average.

Not sure if you are right

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Right so if in that median calculation the blue ‘21’ were a 100048572, the median would still be 14. The size of the number doesnt really matter, just whether it’s bigger or smaller than the current median.


Added custodial grants:
BEuimmeoME52rKhiuiXvGBoTKP8r5fPwrp, 4760.00 NBT [accumulated nulagoon Custodian Fee - 17 Mar to 14 Apr 2016 ]

Modified Parking Rate:
Added a shorted interval: 11.4d --> 7.5%

What about voting for this: [Passed] Operator fee for masterOfDisaster dual side NuBot at Poloniex
…should be a no-brainer.


Removed custodial grants:
BFRhngri9DLUnatcnhSJrZDk5J7u3Mhu5H, 440.0 NBT [passed]
BC84Af1QuytYF37yTd1hf34zRKnLWTJoTA, 750.0 NBT [passed]
BEuimmeoME52rKhiuiXvGBoTKP8r5fPwrp, 4760.0 NBT [passed]

B9gXptkoqAApF3AFrQyhUbhSzvuEudxupt, 90 NBT [6 days fee for masterOfDisaster dual side NuBot at Poloniex ]
392b89104ac63202baa11df9b4844db5f91532ed [nagalim proposal for NSR buyback/issuing threshold]

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Removed custodial grants:
B9gXptkoqAApF3AFrQyhUbhSzvuEudxupt, 90 NBT [passed]

Lowered Parking Rate
Nu reserve for the Buy side has risen sufficiently
11.4d: 7.5 --> 5%
22.8d: 10 --> 6%
1.5m: 15 --> 7%
3m: 25 --> 8%

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392b89104ac63202baa11df9b4844db5f91532ed [passed]

Added custodial grants:
B5HupPg3ELbuaz4cuuGNoxREuVKJPZTToa, 4760.00 NBT [NuLagoon custodian fee request from 15 Apr to 12 May 2016 ]
BPyBotXoVMiAFWLwcxRpSntP9oe2NGYPtE , 129 [Dual-side passive PyBot for Poloniex and Bittrex ]

Added motions:
b59c750a307160b4f1cb5bedfd6027e17b5a0ab4 [Motion dual side NuBot gateway at Poloniex by masterOfDisaster]
f1a5bee323f6f3100e962ad41a0e9f9678930500 [Motion Dual side Nubot gateway in Poloniex @zoro - term 3 ]
f24470e836ed480b3b5a39c4a7c1fe7df111cf3d [Proposal for granting NBT to NuLagoon to create exchange-traded pool A, sub-funds BearBTC, BullBTC and build-in exchange ]

Park rates unchanged

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Announce: my voting data feed machine has had issues with the blockchain DL and has currently completed 80% of the DL after reboot. Apologizes for the inconvenience – I should be able to update the feed tomorrow


Any idea what motion regarding spread regulation you’re going to include (if any)?

Yes, probably: 1% Maximum Spread for ALP/MLP, Above 1% Allowed for Nu Funded Liquidity Operations (e.g. Gateways)

like I said I would here

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Thank you for your confidence in my understanding of liquidity provision!

lets see :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem.
This is a democracy and the majority rules.
The minority can either choose opposition or back out.
I announced what will happen, if either @Cybnate’s or @JordanLee’s motion passes.

My data feed wallet is back – thank you for your patience.


B5HupPg3ELbuaz4cuuGNoxREuVKJPZTToa, 4760.00 NBT [passed]
BPyBotXoVMiAFWLwcxRpSntP9oe2NGYPtE , 129NBT [passed]
b59c750a307160b4f1cb5bedfd6027e17b5a0ab4 [passed]
f1a5bee323f6f3100e962ad41a0e9f9678930500 [passed]

bd4d153bb5c2d8cd6013b77ad8780eabc7bae79e [@masterOfDisaster flexible spread according to LP type, pending a better model to be developed and proposed –
1% Maximum Spread for ALP/MLP, Above 1% Allowed for Nu Funded Liquidity Operations (e.g. Gateways) ]

BPACKiS7Q5wdishcEzabgXV8dRJJV1uXgt, 600NBT [high availability instance of nuexplorer by @backpacker with parking charting]

Raised parking rate: Buy Side is at water levels
11.4d: 15%
22.8d: 18%
1.5m: 21%
3m: 24%